Cesar scratched his week old stubble as he carefully looked at the dresses that were brought in that morning by his personal assistant . This wasn't his usual thing but he wanted to be the one to chose what Talia was to wear for their first meeting. Talia..... He liked the name. Loved actually, he loved the name. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. 

He remembered the night of the auction and how since that night she became all he could think of. She looked so beautiful his heart rate increased so suddenly he was even surprised. He could count the number of times his heart beat so much and it was just a handful of times. He had to have her. He swore the night wouldn't end before he got her and surely enough, 10 million dollars later he got her. 

Something about seeing all those men bid on her made him angry and now that he had her he didn't regret using that much money. Money had never been a problem for him since he was basically born in a well to do family. Since he was young he learnt how to invest money and make good use of it. Now he was a top business man even without much of his family's help. 

Stopping at a red dress he imagined her in it and just the thought had his cock awake. He gritted his teeth before asking his assistant  to make sure it was delivered to the address he gave her. He went into his office deciding to get some work done. On his desk sat an envelope one of his men brought in that morning. 

Cesar had asked for all the information his people could get on Talia. He wanted to know more about her because it was obvious she intrigued him.  

NAME:  Natalia Marie Klein 

DoB : 11/02/ 2005



HEIGHT : 5'8 

FATHER'S NAME : Andrew Edward Klein

MOTHER'S NAME : Bianca Vega Klein 

PARENT'S STATUS : Both dead. 


That's it!? Cesar angrily scrunched up the paper he held in his hand. How is it that that's the only information his people could get on her. Incompetent fools! That was not good enough for him but he decided he'd get a private investigator to find out the rest. 

A knock on the door sounded before it was opened. Damien, his right hand man in almost everything walked in and took a seat on the chair across from Cesar's. 

" Should I ask what crawled up your ass this early or should I mind my own business? " he asked looking at his friend. Cesar wasn't in the mood and one glare from him made that clear to Damien. 

" Mind my business it is. " Damien said raising his hands in defeat. 

" I need you to get me an investigator. " Cesar told the man across from him. 

" What for? Has one of your partners double crossed you or something? " 

" No. I need to find out more about Talia. My men are useless. " 

" Talia? Oh you mean the girl from the auction. " Damien now got comfortable in his seat when he realized who his friend was referring to. " She's pretty by the way. When do I get to meet her? " he said mischief in his eyes as he wiggled his eyebrows. 

Damien knew how his friend was obsessed with the girl and teasing him was always a fun thing for him. 

Deciding to ignore Damien's teasing he leaned back in his seat. " You're the one to get her from where she stays. I've got somewhere to be but I'll be back before you get here. " 

" I gotta ask though what do you plan to do when she gets here? " Damien asked curiously. 

" I'm not sure man. I've thought it over and over but when I read through all what my men have gathered about her I guess I have an idea. " Cesar run his hand through his already messy hair before telling his friend what he was thinking, " I could take her to college for a course since she has no record of education. Also she's 16. "  But man did she not look anything like 16. She had the body of a full grown woman and beauty like no other. Her body and beauty are what got to Cesar at first sight.

When he read through her information he was slightly taken back when he saw her year of birth. He may or may not have rebuked himself for desiring a girl who could be considered a child but a major part of him didn't care. He just wanted to be the one to take care of her. Plus she was being auctioned meaning whoever took her there didn't care about her. 

" Wait..... She's 16!? Dude she's a child. " 

A child doesn't have a body like hers, Cesar wanted to say but he bit back his tongue knowing his friend was right. 

" And you think I don't know that? " 

Damien let out a sigh at his friend's response and decided to just let him be. 

"Anyway that aside the investors from Spain asked for a meeting next week in Madrid. I didn't want to schedule it before asking you about it. " Damien briefed his friends on the latest news in regards to his company. 

"  How is it that those people always have the worst timing. Next week I still have to go check out the hotels in France. " 

So far for Cesar business had been booming. His hotels have become the most popular now and his shipping company is doing great. He couldn't complain though but work for him has increased so much in the last couple of months. Although it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. 

" Try convincing them to reschedule it to the following week after that. " If it weren't for how beneficial those investors were Cesar wouldn't care much. " If they don't accept then you'll be going to France on my behalf then I'll attend their damn meeting. "

" Whatever you say Sire. " said Damien before winking at him.

Damien was the type of friend Cesar needed. A person who could keep up with his stuck up attitude and help him in business. They've known each other since their teenage years and Cesar couldn't be more grateful for such a friend. Through the years they've experienced so much together that they now considered each other brothers. Cesar actually had no brothers so he was thankful for Damien. 

Cesar was born in a family of three. Two sisters and him. He had an older sister who was thirty years old and a younger one who was twenty. His older sister was married and had two kids. Her husband was one of Cesar's partners in his shipping company. His younger sister lived and studied in Barcelona. Cesar was particularly close with her since he got to spend more time with her when their dad was away for work. 

When Damien left his office Cesar got ready for the meeting he had that afternoon. He took a shower and dressed in his usual black suit. He was your typical dressed-in-black-guy . The venue was a good two hours drive from New York and since he wasn't in a sour mood that day he gave his diver the rest of the day off deciding to do the driving himself. He actually enjoyed a good long drive.

Just as he was pulling out of the driveway he saw a white Mercedes-Benz enter through his gates. He paused his movements as he watched it stop next to his. Rolling down his window he faced Yvonne, his ex booty call who thought she was more than it. 

"Hey handsome. Going somewhere? " she asked with a smile on her face. 

" Isn't that obvious? " Cesar asked wanting to piss her off so she could leave as fast as she got there. He was clearly irritated by her and he wanted to ensure she knew it. 

Yvonne clicked her tongue as she pressed her lips in a thin line. Something she did whenever she was getting angry. 

" I came to see how you are doing. Been long since you called me you know. " 

"Maybe that's because I told you to fucking leave me alone, remember? " 

They met months ago and since then even when he verbally let her know he wanted nothing to do with her she still follows him and insists they're a thing. Something that makes Cesar feel disgusted just by the thought. 

" You know I won't do that right? So you gotta deal with seeing me around. " she passed him a sly smile before reversing and leaving him wondering why he even showed interest in her when they first met. Maybe it was the fact that she threw herself at him. Yeah that was probably the reason, he thought. 

Cesar left for his meeting which was boring and hours later he was driving back to his house. Damien had sent him a text letting him know he had picked up Talia and that they were on their way. At the thought of her he felt his cock stir. Groaning loudly he wondered how she'd got into his system so easily. His cock even knew her by name. Laughing at his own stupid joke he headed upstairs to read through some files before their arrival. 

"Missed me? " he heard a voice say. Looking up he rolled his eyes when he saw Damien standing at the door with a smug look. 

"How long have you been standing there?" he asked. 

"Just got here. " he said leaning against the door frame. " She's downstairs. "

" Did you get any problems with her? " Cesar asked wanting to know if she was against coming there. 

"No. She was actually pretty calm. Didn't look like she wanted to come here on her own free will but she seems like the type to just do whatever she's told. It's either that or Elenore threatened her. Also Elenore was quite pleased with having her out of there. I don't know about you but for me that woman is worse than a witch. " The mention of Elenore reminded him to ask an investigator to find out everything about her. She gave him enough reason to hate her when they were at the auction. Especially when she had the nerve to slap Talia in front of him. 

Standing from his seat Cesar walked towards his friend and they both headed downstairs. Cesar was eager to see her. That was pretty much clear since he was taking long steps down the hallway. His fastened pace only made Damien laugh but he said nothing. 

When they got downstairs he pocketed his hands and walked to the couch beside hers. When Cesar saw her in the red dress he'd chosen he knew he was definitely screwed.  Wetting his lips he adjusted his pants to try and hide the hard on he now sported. Her eyes made him deem blue his now favorite color. They were so beautiful..... and rare. That shade of blue was rare for eye color and it pleased him that she was now his. 

His eyes roamed her body greedily and man did he want to have his hands all over that body. She was so perfect. Her petite frame with just the right sizes for assets made him feel like his whole body was on fire. Her legs on display made him want to hide her from the world. How the heck was this normal. He'd desired women before but what he felt for her as he took in her features was definitely more than desire. 

Oh this woman will definitely be the death of me! He inwardly thought. 

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