"Okay so I better get going. " Damien said deciding to give them some privacy. He turned on his heel heading for the front door with a smile on his face. He was sure neither Talia nor Cesar heard him since they were both too busy eye raping each other. He just hoped things would work out well for the both of them. So far he liked the girl. She seemed good enough for Cesar. 

Her pliant nature would work well for Cesar considering that he was the type of man that always had to have the upper hand in anything that involves him. He dominated everything that he desired and seeing as though the girl had Cesar around her finger since the moment he saw her, Damien was sure sooner or later Cesar would dominate her too in all aspects. Deciding he'd call his friend later to discuss business and other things that most probably would be about his new lady, Damien drove off. 

Cesar wasn't sure where to start. He knew she had questions that she wanted him to answer so he figured that would be a good way to begin. 

"Ask away. " he told her after he had taken a seat. 

" Pardon. " she said seeming not to have caught on what he'd said. 

" Ask whatever questions you may have. " 

Talia took a minute to collect her thoughts that had been momentarily distorted after she had shamingly drooled over the man. She cleared her throat and folded her hands on her lap before speaking out the first question that came to mind. 

"Who are you? " she asked with much curiosity. Truthfully she wanted to know the man. By name and everything else. The man had bought her so she might as well get to know him. 

Cesar was kind of surprised at her question. He expected her to start with the why am I here questions and such. What he didn't know was that Talia was already tired of asking herself and others why she was auctioned. She'd asked her aunt but ended up with a bruised rib then she asked Damien who didn't seem to know the answer to it. That didn't mean she did not want to know the answer. She was just tired of not getting the answer. 

" I'm Cesar. Cesar Moore. " Talia raised an eyebrow at his reply. That wasn't enough for her. 

Cesar seemed to notice so he went on, " I'm a business man. Maybe you've heard of the Moore Hotels ?" he said tilting his head in a questioning manner. "Moore Shipping Lines? " 

Cesar gauged her reaction at the mention of the names of his businesses. He was trying to find a sign of recognition but found none. He took her lack of response as a no. 

"Well, I own those companies and many other businesses. " 

Nodding her head Talia asked her next question. 

" Why me? " 

"You intrigue me. " 

Talia waited for him to go on but he didn't add anything to his three word answer. 

This triggered something in Talia and she felt anger bubble up within her. How could that be a reason to buy her! For Talia that wasn't reason enough. She had so many bitter words to tell the man that she was sure he would not appreciate but she bit back her tongue. She did so only because she realized she couldn't entirely blame him and also she wasn't sure what the consequences would be if she disrespected him. Thinking about it, she realized he actually did her a favor. He saved her in a way. Tears brimmed her eyes as she remembered what she had overheard her aunt say that afternoon. 

" If nobody bids on her tonight I'll just have to sell her as a sex slave or something . She's more trouble than it's worth. " her aunt said to someone through the phone.

If Cesar hadn't bought she would surely have been a sex slave somewhere by now. That thought raised her next question. 

"What are your intentions with me? " she asked, her voice cracking slightly. She was scared of the answer. She was not sure what to expect. He could use her for his carnal needs or whatever he wanted. After all, he owned her. Blinking back her tears she managed to look into his piercing grey eyes as a feeling of dread filled her even before he said anything. 

Cesar hesitated when he noticed the fear in her eyes. He hadn't done anything she wasn't comfortable with so far so he wasn't sure whether he was the one reading it all wrong or if indeed she was scared. Damien had asked him the same question earlier and he was not comfortable with the answer he had given him so he decided to side step the question. He was also sure she'd not be satisfied with the answer he would give her. 

"I found out you've never gone to school. " he said trying to divert the conversation, " Is there anything in particular you'd like to study?" 

Talia wasn't sure what to think at this point. She was desperately in need of answers and all the emotions flooding within her were not helping either. He was clearly trying to avoid her question but deciding to just let everything go she allowed him to divert their conversation. 

Thinking about his question she remembered how since she was a kid she'd always wanted to be a designer. Her grandma had a sewing machine so whenever she was in the mood she and Talia designed different types of clothing. Talia came up with different ideas and her grandma contributed and brought her ideas to life. Talia's interest in designing perked and she even began to teach herself how to make the designs herself. Well that was until they had to sell their sewing machine after her grandpa died. Since then Talia just gave up on the whole designing thing. 

She wasn't sure if she should tell Cesar about her dream of wanting to be a designer. 

"I was thinking that maybe you'd want to study since basically you'd be living with me and you might get bored doing nothing. " Cesar added when she saw the hesitation in her eyes. She was biting her lower lip as she fiddled with her fingers. She seemed unsure of what to tell him. 

Talia knew there wasn't a way around all that was happening. She now belong to him and as he told her they'd be living together. It was either she made good use of his kindness or just suffer silently in her own misery. Deciding to just get comfortable with him since he seemed concerned with wanting her to be comfortable she spoke up. 

" I've always wanted to be a designer. At least that's one thing I've been very interested in my whole life. " 

"May I ask why you've never been to school? " 

Talia frowned not appreciating him repeatedly saying she'd never been to school. 

" My grandparents weren't that much capable. Plus I learnt a lot from my grandma. I can read and write so I'm not some kind of illiterate. I just didn't attend school like the other children. My grandma was my teacher and she was enough for me. " 

Cesar mirrored her expression at the mention of her grandparents. " You lived with your grandparents? " 

"I'm sure you already knew that. You must have done a background check on me so you could know I never attended school. " Talia wasn't sure where all that confidence came from but she just found herself speaking without the slightest quiver in her voice. 

" I did do a background check but it didn't give me much information. I actually prefer talking to you and find out everything from you. " he spoke softly. Cesar understood that she was really trying to get comfortable with him and that she couldn't just open up to him at once. He needed to give her time and that's what he planned on doing. 

"Yes, I lived with my grandparents. They raised me since I was a baby. I can't really tell you who my parents are since I never met them so don't ask me about them. " 

"How then did you end up with Elenore?" 

It was weird for Talia to hear someone call her aunt by her first name so casually. 

"She took me from my grandma when I was fourteen. I didn't really think I had any other relatives until she came. " 

"She's your relative? " Cesar asked genuinely confused, " Why then did she take you to an auction? " he asked more to himself. 

I ask myself the same thing every second, Talia wanted to say but decided to stay quiet. 

Talia let out a yawn that she so much tried to hide but Cesar noticed. Her eyes looked tired and looking closely he noticed she had bugs under her eyes. Talia had used a tone of concealer to hide them but somehow they were noticeable to Cesar. 

"You should take some rest. " he said as he got up from the couch," Come on, I'll show you your room. " 

He felt the need to hold out his hand to her but he resisted the urge. She looked so drained that he wanted nothing else but to be the one to carry her to bed. Fisting his hands at his side he led the way up the wooden staircase. Her room was just across from his. He wanted it to be close to his. 

Upon reaching the room he felt himself get nervous as he held the door knob. He'd redesigned the room the following day after the auction. He wanted her to be impressed by it. He put in much effort he'd never imagined he'd put in just for her. Some of the things he's been doing since the night of the auction were totally out of his ordinary doings. He wasn't sure what had suddenly come over him. 

" I hope you like it. " he said before turning the knob and allowing her to enter first. 

An amazed gasp left Talia's lips when she entered the room. " Holy crap.... " she trailed off. Her previous fatigue faded and pure excitement filled her. Cesar could see her excitement in her eyes as a smile stretched upon her lips. 

The room was painted blue and white. It had a large queen size bed at the middle on one side. The bed was covered with white sheets and a blue furry duvet. It had many white pillows arranged at the headrest. At the sides were nightstands painted blue and a desk with a laptop sat at one corner. A white carpet covered the whole room and blue curtains were drapped on the large windows windows.  The wall opposite the bed was occupied by a large wardrobe and a single door next to it which she figured was the bathroom. The room was beautiful to say the least and large enough. Not the exaggerated type. Talia was pleased with the room. She just had one question though. 

How did Cesar find out blue was her favorite colour!? 

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