Her stomach rumbled for the hundredth time making her give up trying to force herself to sleep some more when she was dying of hunger. She lifted the covers from her body and got up from the bed making the mattress creak under her. She didn't know for how long she had been asleep but judging from the moon illuminating the room through the still open curtains she guessed it was several hours. 

She drew the curtains making the room dark from lack of any source of light and had to blindly find her way to the switch that was next to the door. Flipping the switch, she had to squint her eyes due to the much light that filled the room. When she had adjusted to the new lighting, she noticed she was still in the same red dress that now had wrinkles. She wondered if her aunt had already sent her stuff because she was starting to sweat under the material and she desperately needed a shower. 

Her stomach rumbled again reminding her she had to get something to eat. She

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