Relaxing his shoulders, Cesar took a long sip of his steaming black coffee then settled back on his wooden seat . He absentmindedly flipped through the newspaper pages hopping to find something interesting. He settled on a page in the business section that seemed worth his while. 

Cesar had always had an everyday routine that he followed strictly. Wake up at 4.00 am, workout in the gym for two hours, take a shower then head to the office. Breakfast at home was optional. Depended on whether he was in the mood to whip something up or not.

Today though it was different. He woke up at his usual time and did his morning workout. After he took a shower to rid himself of the sweat covering his body, he made his way to Talia's room feeling the need to check up on her since he didn't do it during the night. 

Careful not to make a sound, he turned the door knob and pushed the brown door open. It creaked in the otherwise silent house causing him to cringe. The li

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