Chapter 02


“ We should begin then. ” Saying this, he averts his eyes away.

Getting hold of the briefcase, he gets up from the chair. I nibble on my lower lip, a nervous habit.

I breath through my nose, thinking ways to avoid the upcoming torture.

He opens the Attaché briefcase with his dull eyes inspecting it’s contents. I can’t see it because the open compartment of the Attaché Briefcase is efficiently blocking my view.

My fingers curl up with curiosity and fear.

Out of a sudden, he glances at me and then looks down at the contents of the Attaché Briefcase again.

Is he deciding on the tool to use for torturing me? How considerate of him!

“ Ms. Valentina. ” My name rolls off his tongue smoothly.

I notice his accent then. It’s Italian. Explains his name too. He doesn’t look Italian though.

He takes out a shiny little knife from the Attaché Briefcase and closes it back. A lump forms in my throat, as I observe the small weapon in his right hand.

Such small sharp knifes are used to make small but deep cuts on the sensitive areas.

I think…I Wanna pee.

Absolutely not because of fear but because, It’s a genuine nature’s call.

“ You have two options. ” He speaks further in his thick accent, stepping closer to me.

Detaching my eyes from the cute knife in his hand, I fix him with a neutral stare, while I am panicking inside.

“ First option… ” He trails off, his left hand reaching forward.

Inhaling deeply, I do my best to not flinch or close my eyes when he is staring at me.

He brushes off some stray hair from my neck and his thumb trails down the side of my neck. All this while, his eyes are gazing into mine.

He is distracting me. He is making me lose focus. He is tempting me into telling him things, I am determined to not tell anyone.

“ You confess to everything and we will provide you witness protection. ” He states the first option, which is unacceptable for me.

He takes his hand away and closes the distance between us this time. He sits on the edge of the table right in front of me as I try to scoot away, but fail to do so, because of those restraining handcuffs.

“ Second option. ” His voice drops down a few octaves, his left hand reaching behind my head to hold my nape.

He brings the small knife forward and places its sharp tip against my throbbing vein. He knows the exact spot.

I don’t flinch, but I sure try to look down when he puts some pressure on the knife, ready to push the knife in my neck.

“ Don’t breath too deep or fast. Don’t move. ” He whispers quietly to me, causing my eyes to shoot up toward his dark orbs.

My eyes narrow down in a glare finding his face just inches away. His eyes hold the same pinning look, which leaves me holding my breath back.

Don’t breath too deep or fast. He is right. If I breath too deep or fast or if I move, the tip of the knife which is placed against my carotid artery will pierce it and I will die in maximum ten seconds.

He leans in, his face completely blank. I have a hint that he will never hesitate to slit my throat open. Right here and right now.

“ So the second option. I make you talk and then we will provide you witness protection. ” His thumb draws small threatening circles on my nape as he speaks in a hushed tone.

He knows what he is doing very well. The tickling sensation his thumb is causing me on my neck, makes me want to lean in, but the tip of the knife on the front of my neck, keeps me fixed on the same spot.

I can not lean in. I can not lean away.

Then, I frown.

“ Are not these two the same options? ” The tickling sensation distracts me enough to make me open my mouth for the second time.

He looks amused when I talk. I decide to sigh but the tip of the sharp knife doesn’t really allows me to actually go with what I am thinking.

“ They are two very different options. ” He denies my claim, leaning in.

He leaves my nape and I sigh in relief, ready to lean away when his left hand grabs my jaw, making me pout.

His fingers don’t dig in the flesh of my face, but those long fingers render me unable to move away from the tip of the blade.

“ In the first option, you will sing like a bird and we will treat you such. ” He explains and his fingers slowly put pressure on my cheek.

The frown on my forehead deepens immensely.

“ In the second option, I will have to do some work on you. ” His fingers leave my jaw and he trails his forefinger down the front of my throat, making me shiver.

“ Don’t move. ” He reminds me about the knife by pushing it a little forward when I am about to lean away from him.

His forefinger trails lower on my throat reaching my collar bone and I gulp, feeling the not-so-innocent human sensations.

“ You are not going to ask the details of the work I have to do on you? ” He fakes his surprise and leans further toward me.

I can feel his minty breath on my face now. Goosebumps rise all over my skin when he encircles the edge of my collarbone, before he pulls his hand away at once.

“ I will have to carve up this pretty hot body of yours and I will really feel bad about destroying something so beautiful. ” He breathes out, distracting me from my motto again.

He is so good at this. I can feel shivers running up and down my body just by talking to him.

I don’t want to imagine what it will be like if he really begins to CARVE up my body.

I don’t want that. I hate too much pain. I hate restraints too.

“ In the second option, you will surely tell everything but you will cry like a little bird. ” He pushes the knife forward and it pierces my skin, creating a small dot on my neck.

I hiss out, my breath stuck painfully in my throat. I swallow the lump and keep my scared round eyes fixed at him.

“ Do you want to tell me something now? ” He looks satisfied with his success, because I look shit scared in this moment.

He takes away the knife from my throat and I notice the drop of blood over it. My eyes go back up to meet his dark orbs.

“ I Wanna pee. ”

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