Chapter 13


I don’t know for how long I cried and tried to pull myself out of the effect of that nightmare, memories.

I lost track of time and my brain also gave up on me, sending me into a deep slumber where memories once again came back to haunt me.

I wasn’t dreaming about these memories for so long, but now I think I am starting to fall into the abyss of PTSD once more.

The time when I wake up, I find myself on the bed and alone in the room. My puffy eyes search the room, recalling what had happened earlier.

Inhaling deeply, I ignore the ache I feel in my head, throat and heart.

I can’t believe I held him and cried like a clueless child. He could be laughing at me for all I know.

‘ It’s alright. It was just a nightmare. ’ His deep voice whispers in my ears, making me gulp my saliva.

He comforted me even if it felt like he didn

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