Chapter 14


Valentina was going to ruin the whole thing for me by telling Caelum that she had already revealed many things to me.

I got here in time. I should Thank the Devil because God is never on my side.

“ Get the fuck out. ” I stand in front of Valentina, hiding her from Caelum unconsciously as I hiss at him.

“ Why are you getting so angry? I came because you asked me to come. ” He shrugs his shoulders, making me grit my teeth.

If my goal was not stopping me, I would have shown this bastard how getting on my nerves can affect him.

“ This is my job, Caelum. Don’t fuck with me. Get out of here. ” I stand tall, my eyes drilling holes in Caelum’s head.

His eyes squint, making my jaw tick. The asshole is really suspicious about me and he wants to poke his nose in my business…This won’t end good for him if he continues getting his ass in my way.

“ Relax. I was just having a harmless conversation with… ” He le

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