Chapter 16


My smile falls off my lips after a while and I make my way to my bed.

What am I thinking? I think, sitting down on the bed.

Did Agent Vitali really manage to get my mind off the main topic? We were talking about Caelum.

Caelum said that I haven’t told anything to Agent Vitali when I have already told him many things. What’s happening? I don’t understand.

As I think about it too deeply, I can only think of two reasons for Caelum to be behaving this way.

Number One. Caelum and Agent Vitali are playing games with me so they can confuse me and eventually make me talk about all the other things that I know.

And Number Two. Agent Vitali kept all the information to himself instead of reporting it to the Agency.

The second option is absurd. Agent Vitali works for the Agency…Why would he hold off information?

I shake my head to my

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