Chapter 17


Such a tempting offer. As usual.

Just stay put and everything will be over soon, he says. I can’t tell what the hidden meaning behind this offer is.

“ Okay. ” I nod my head in a trance.

He watches me until I leave the bedsheets and place my hands in my lap. I realise how hot my face is and it must be turning red, giving away every emotion he made me feel just now.

“ Good. ” He smiles lazily and gets up from the bed before walking out of the room that I call mine, temporarily.

Just as he leaves, I take in huge intake of air. Then, I release the breath through my nose slowly.

Something is wrong with him and it’s confirmed now. Everyone is playing their own games here and they all have their own goals to achieve just like me.

What do I want in all this madness going around me? I have to make it clear to myself.

Agent Vitali made my heart flutter today. Even if I

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Lynn Jones Carrington
She wants he freedom.
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Rob Bartlett
Are you not writing this book anymore?

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