Chapter 24


I don’t know for how long I cried. I told him everything, almost everything and then cried for him too.

Can I do anything worse than this?

I sigh, now laying over my bed. He left earlier, saying he had to be somewhere else. I don’t know why but he looked baffled, as if there was something he couldn’t understand and didn’t like either or as if he had to make a decision he didn’t like.

I release another heavy breath and stare up at the ceiling. My hand reaches out to my dry lips, my fingers tracing the outline. The touch of his lips still lingers on mine.

I never knew a man’s touch could feel so good. I am only familiar with the agony the men in my life brought me.

Pulling my hand down, I purse my lips and continue drilling holes in the ceiling.

The loud ding noise of the main door opening breaks me out of my trance. I sit up in the bed.

My heart begins to beat fast. Fixing my eyes at the door, I wait for Agent Vita—no—Matteo to come to my room.

Time passes but he doesn’t come
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S Y what is going on? No updates in quite a while? Can’t even remember storyline anymore…..
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Please waiting for updates!
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Waiting for updates
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