Chapter 2

" what are you trying to say ,? That I have no work ? Ohh,so it is a crime to come visit you ? Huh ? It is a crime to miss you every day ? I am a lazy person ? Huh ?"

" Betty, come on ,do not get me wrong,okay ? I did not mean it that way okay ? I am ..."

" Non sense,do you think when we get married,I would be a burden to you ? I have investments already, do not tell me shit!"

 Jack scoffed if you are even a wife material,he thought ,

" Fine,it is okay "

" It is not okay !"

" You know what ? Just forget what I said ,okay ? I did not mean it !"

He said and opened his laptop pretending to be busy with work.

" So you want to work ?" 

" What else ? Should I keep staring at you ? Why am I now in the office? Is it not to work? Betty,do not annoy me ,you have done enough "

,' it is really unfair,your babe is right in front of you,you want to work "

," You are really really sick upstairs, if you do not know , I am telling you now, I would love it if you do no disturb me,I have a lots of things to do "

She did not say anything..he raised up his head to look at her.

What has she got in her sleeves ? Jack thought ..

  She suddenly stood up seductively with a flirty smile and catwalked to where he sat down.. Jack was staring at her all these while..

  She got to where he was and began to massage his body.

" You seem tired baby,how about we work it out, you know ? " She said and winked at him.

" What do you mean '

' oh .." she laughed and continued, don't tell you do not know what I mean ,well,let me go straight to the point,why do we not just get down to business,I mean do it now ,I heard sex in the office is the best,we can have an alone time,just you and me ,I am really really in the mood right now "

" Stop behaving like a prostitute and get your hands off me !"

" Jack! You are a kill joy ,like seriously,did I say too much ? What is there in asking my boyfriend for sex ? Am I asking too much ? Now that I think about it, I doubt if you love me because if you do,we will have sex,why exactly are you doing this to me ? Do you want other men to have a taste of me ? Do you know how many guys are dying out there just to have me ?"

Like I care..he muttered..

What exactly was I thinking when I asked her to be my girlfriend? Eish, I thought it will make me forget Naomi and make me stay focused,now I still miss her the more," he thought

" I am tired "

' you keep saying that every time,I want to massage you to ease the pain,you refused ,anyway, I have a question and I need answers "

" Yes,go on "

" When are you taking me home ?"

" Home ? To your house ? Ohh,like drive you home or what ?" He asked frowning..

" Silly you,I meant your parent's house,I can not wait to be a Matt,I can not wait to get married to you,I can not wait to have your man hood buried deep in me ,most espec..."

" Do you want to marry me for sex or what ? I really don't understand,.."

" I do not have answer to your question cause it sounds dumb to me ! Just put ring on my finger so we can have sex,I am tired of waiting,if you do not do this earlier,I might have sex with another man,I am tired of waiting "

Is this coming out from Betty or what ? , I have made a silly mistake,.he thought.

" You know what ? Calm down,I still have some..."

" I am getting impatient !" 

He did not want to make a rash decision because of the way she was behaving ,he also believed Naomi was still out there ..but what if she was married ? No, Jack ,it can not be ! She can not just move on like that ! 

" Mister,I am talking to you ! When do you intend to put a ring on my finger ?"

" Betty ,I need to work !"

" Stop calling me Betty,call me sweet names ! You are too boring,I hate boring guys "

She will definitely cheat on me if we get married ! I better settle my scores with her sooner or later ! He thought again.

" Betty , probably you should go home now,I will call you later ,okay ? I need to work !"

" Work,work,work everytime! If we get married,is that how you will always do when we get married ? You will go everyday? "

She scoffed and stood up and left the office.

" Why exactly did I ask her to be my girlfriend? Is it to forget Naomi or what ? Eish,I am making a rash decision, no no no,if it is not Naomi ,it is no one, No one can be like Naomi, please wait for me,I promise ,I will find you and when I do ,I will ask for your forgiveness ,then I will find ways of bringing us back together," he said ..

He brought out a picture and started at it..A young ,pretty lady with a skilling face was the picture.

' I miss you so much ,I wonder how you are fairing now, ' 

He kissed the picture and returned it back into the drawer ,then rest his chin on his hand,he did not realize his phone was ringing until he looked down..oh Dad,he muttered.

" Dad "

" Son,good day ,"

" Good day dad "

" Hope my company is doing well in good hands ,I will be back in a week's time and will resume back in my company "

" Ok dad "

" I have something else to say "

He tensed..he knew when his father was serious and vice versa..what could he probably want to say ?

What do you think he wants to say ?

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