Chapter 3

" Dad,what else do you want to say ?"

 He managed to ask.

" Why are you so heartless? You are stressing me son ,you are ! "

" Okay "

" Is that all you will say ? Do you not consider the stress you are making me go through at all ? When I am back from the tour,I should be resting happily knowing my son is in my company in my stead but no ! I will be back with loads of work ,why are you so stubborn ? Why can you not just give I and your mother what we want? Why? You are growing old day by day ...."

" Dad, I know what you need,a wife right ?.."

" Me ? You fool,I am referring to you not me ! I have your mother already "

" Dad,I am not ready to find a wife,you can have your company ,not like I am interested or something, when the time comes,the right one will come "

" What do you mean ? Don't get me wrong, not like I can not leave the company in your care or I am stressing you or something, I know you are getting pissed off but it is for your own good ,I could have given the company to you but the board of directors would not agree to it, that is why I want you to have a wife before I die because if I die,it will be given to someone else, do you want all what I laboured for to go down the drain,be considerate for once ,I also want to see my grand children ,by now,you should be the CEO ,you should be the legal owner, I do not know why it is so hard for you or should I arrange a wife for you ?..."

" Dad,you know what? We will talk about this later ,I have a meeting to attend " he said and hanged up.

Phew! Only if this man knows that if it is not Naomi,it is no one ! He thought as he helped himself serve his coffee.

I wonder how she if fairing,I wonder where she is, if I see her now,will I even recognize her ? Naomi,I hope when we meet again ,you will give me a chance to at least explain myself, I hope you are still alive ,I do not mean to hurt you,I still love you,I really do " he thought sadly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

" What do you mean by you are the father of my child ?" The young lady asked as she paced around the room .

" Baby, wait ,I only said that because I love you, let me be the father of your son ,okay ,I will take care of him,even you "

" No matter what,your blood can never run in his veins,okay "

" You do not understand my point, I love you,I really do ,I am ready to adopt your son,i know you need money for his treatment right now,I will do it , after all,no one can help you execpt me " the young man said with pride.

" Fuck your love and your money,I do not need any of it , okay? I will raise my son's bills myself , you can never be the father of my son ,you do not deserve it !"

" Ohh,I forgot, could it be you are waiting for his father, ohh,a bastard can never have a father ... "

Those words seemed to infuriate the young woman and she angrily slapped him.

" Get out of my house ,Mac "

" Even the bible says,you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free,heaven knows I am telling you the truth ,okay ? You look like someone that has also given up on love,it seems love fucked you up,anyway,when you need love and care, remember I am here,I will patiently wait for you because I know you will still come back to me.."

" Get out " she said pushing him out of the room .

She sighted and sat down in the nearest chair deep in thoughts.. who do you think the woman is ?

( Back in Jack's dad office

2:30 pm )

....... " Man ,that was a blast " ....

....." Oh oh,the poor girl feels so hurt"...

...' you did well, now ,she will know she does not belong to us "..

" How dare you ?"...

" What did you do to my girl?".......

...." Nothing,we just put her in her place,even if you tell her anything now,she will not believe you"...

..." She is not meant for you.".....

" Boss! Sir ! Sir,are you okay sir ?"Nina, Jack's dad secretary said tapping him ...he suddenly jerked up frowning,beads of sweat forming on his head...

That same dream ,he thought frowning again,the dream of what happened that night,he had been having the dream ever since the incident happened, after having the dream,his concience would always grip him..the dream was always scaring the hell out of him..' incident dream ' as he used to call it.mybe I should just go to a bar to chill out. He thought again.

" Sir " his secretary said jolting him out of his thoughts..

' Nina,what is it ?" He asked staring intently at her.

" Just wanted to ask if you are okay sir ,you have been looking sad since I met you and.."

He cut her off.

" Is that why you are here ? "

" No sir," she said frowning

" Then go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush ,mind you,Nina, remember to always mind your damn business,you are here to work and not the other way round ,so why are you here ?"

" The board of directors are waiting for you in the conference room sir "

" Tell them I will there in a jiffy "

" Okay,sir "

She said frowning and mummered some incoherent words..

This stupid man! Is he just too blind that he can not notice me ? Nina grumbled as she reached for the door.

To be continued

Watch out for the next chapter.

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