Chapter 5

Aunty , you and I both know I do not like talking about him and ... "

" If I may ask what the reason is ? "

" He is dead to me as far as I am concerned , I am the only parent my son has " Naomi said looking away ..

" Naomi , I know you are telling lies right now , I think it is better for Fred to meet his father , you know ..."

" Oh ,aunty so because I have financial challenges , I should meet my son's father ? Who knows if he is married..., You know what aunty. He is dead , and that is final "

" You .."

' Aunty, I do not need to be rude to you but but can you please not talk about him ? I am getting annoyed already , no matter what I will get my son's money by myself not show up in another man's house ..someone that did not even know I had a son and besides he is not worth telling at all, so he is a no go area , I can still consider other options but that I can not just consider someone like his father at all "

Her aunt sighted and interrupted her , 

" My dear , how about the other man ? "

" Which other man again ?" She said frowning more deeper this time around .

" Mac "

" Aunty ,are you bent on destroying my life ? "

" But I am only trying to help you , he has the money but unless you are ready to lose Fred in which you do not want to "

" Aunty , " she called sighting before she continued , no ,never , it can not work , he is a devilish man , so annoying , desperate .."

" Why is it that you find fault in all men ? I see no reason why you should not have settled down all these while but no , your stupid attitude would not let you ! What exactly is your problem ? Huh ? It is as if you are just chasing helpers "

" Aunty , I do not want a man in my life okay ? I am okay , "

" Whatever , that is your problem not mine ,just remember , someone out there called Mac is ready to foot your son's bills and even accept you in his life even being a single mother "

" Aunty I do not need a man in my life , I thought we are way past this ? "

" Stop that ! You need a man , okay ? Just look at yourself , you are pretty , attractive , you make men fall for you , why have you not made your choice ? Huh? Help can come from there , just put it in mind that your son is dying and if he dies , you are the cause of it "

" Aunty .." she said breaking down in tears .if only this woman knows she has vowed not to have anything to do with men again not to even talk of falling in love with their species .

 " Just think about it "

" There is absolutely nothing to think of ,aunty , I will work to save my own son's life " 

Her aunt scoffed and glared hard at her .

" Aunty, why are you staring at me in this manner ? "

" Just wondering what type of work you will do that will fetch you a million dollars within a short period of time "

" I will surely find work and besides I will not depend on any man to foot my son's bills , if it is to work my ass off , I will gladly do that " 

" You might not understand anything until your son is almost at the point of death , okay ? Keep being adamant and let your son die , you and I know if I have the money , I will surely give you but what I have is an advice , okay ? Consider Mac and shun this stubborn spirit or Connect the boy to his father , I am sure even if he does not have much , no man would want to see his own son in that position "

  " Whatever ".

" Whatever right ? Remember , Fred is dying and a word they say, is enough for the wise , the ball is also in your court ".

Her aunt said and stood up .

   She sat down fully rooted in a spot with no intentions of leaving the spot . She rubbed her head slightly as she was confused and tired of everything . 

  He put you in this position , you should both suffer for it .. something in her kept saying ..

But how do I take care of the bills on ground ? Where do I get a million dollars? Who will borrow me that amount of money ? She thought sighting .

  For a while , she thought of her aunt's words and tried considering Mac but she did not want issues with anyone ..

She then recalled what the doctor said earlier,

" Look for money , in whatever way you can , it is just a million dollars , your son's case is very very critical , okay ? ".

  She doing and yet , here she was with no money on ground ...

' Need my help ? " She suddenly heard a voice say .

Mac ? What the hell is this man doing here ? Is he here to visit someone or what ?

She thought .

" You ! What the hell are you doing here ? "

" Huh ? Is it bad to visit my fiancee- to - be's son in the hospital ? I heard the son is sick so I had to rush down here leaving my work you know just to show concern " he said smirking

" And if I may ask who is the fiancee-to-be ? " 

" My dear , it is you of course , I just wanted to you know express my concern , oh no the situation is so bad "

" I am so sure you are very sick upstairs , if no one tells you , here I am now telling you .."

" Well , I will just say you are not in a good mood that is why you are talking like this , I will just accept the fact , okay ? But I have a proposal for you , once you accept the proposal , I will take care of your son's bills "


Hmph ..

What proposal could Uncle Mac have this time around ?

Watch out for the next chapter..


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