Chapter 12

{Two months later}

( Jack's birthday)

   Naomi sat down in front of her mirror staring at the letter for the more than ten times with a bright face and also grinning widely .. will he feel if I tell him the news? Should I just call him and wish him a happy birthday and also tell him I have a gift for him ? I am so sure he will be very excited! Should I ? Should I not ?' she muttered smiling more harder..

Just as she was about to call her boyfriend,a call came in- an unknown contact to be precise.

" Hello" The person said.

" Yes, how may I help you ?'

" Naomi, this is Tom , Jack asked us to bring you to where he is, you know today is his day and he wants to take you out before the party begins later in the day'

Wow! Double gift, probably, when I get there I will let him know that I have a special gift for him, she thought again grinning.

' Are you there?'

'yeah of

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