Chapter 13

" perfect," she said as she stared at herself in the mirror smiling. she was clad in a long white gown with matching heels and moderate makeup.

" I am so sure that when Jack sees me, he would not be able to resist me, okay, so Jack I have something to tell you... I am..." She was trying to rehearse what she would tell Jack when a call interrupted her,

" For God's sake, are you not done? It is past ten minutes already, we have a long day ahead of us ' The caller said impatiently, that should be Chris..she muttered.

" Of course, I am almost there I am on my way out already, just that, I got hooked up with something"

" Just be fast, today is your boyfriend's birthday and I bet you would not want to be late for such an occasion '

He said and hanged up.

" You can do this, Naomi, do not be scared, just let out your mind, tell him you have good news for him, tell him you are pregnant.. wow, so I am finally pregnant for Jack, I am carrying a Matt..'

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