Chapter 16

" But miss, how many times do I have to tell you it is young master's orders? How many times do I have to let you know so you can understand? I have a long day ahead of me and I am also very busy,"

" But I need to see him, I do not know if everything is okay or not, I have been trying to reach him but he is not picking up, can you just let me come in just for five minutes?".

" The answer is definitely no, miss"

" Seriously?,  There is nothing you can do to help me ?" She asked scoffing.

" I am so sorry, ma'am, orders from above "

" Wait" she screamed out just as he was about to lock the gate.

" Yes?"

" Can you do me a favour?"

" What again?"

"Can you please tell him I am outside, maybe he will let me in because I see no reason why he will not let me in when it is not as if I am a visitor "

" Okay then, expect me in the next five minutes"

He said and locked the gate preventing her from entering the comp

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