Chapter 17

Oh, God! How will I live my life without her? In as much as I love her, I still can not date her again. she is a slut. No one would love to hear that I am in love with someone like her. why on Earth will she do something like this? It does not sound pleasing to the ear. And now she is pretending not to know what is going on. He thought as tears fell freely from his eyes.

" Jack, you are crying, please just tell me what is going on, tell me what exactly is going on, maybe two heads could ..."

" I trusted you! How could you? " He yelled in frustration.

" What have I done? How many times do I have to ask you this? Why are you yelling at me? What exactly is going on? Anyway, happy birthday if you do not wish to talk"

Jack scoffed. Today is my birthday? Really? She must have been fucked harder for her to forget that my birthday was yesterday.

" Seriously? You must have enjoyed yourself last night to the extent that your brain refused to remind you that

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