Chapter 18

"Really? Okay, baby, I need to get this right, are you a twin?"

" No"

"Then, that means you are the one in the picture, for you not to have a twin makes you a slut,"

"Stop calling me a slut, okay? I did not know how it happened, please believe me,"

"If you are not a slut, then what are you?"

" Please, believe me, I am a pure person, this is not me, you need to believe me, Jack, you know I can not do something like this, you and I both know that it is just complimented, how can I..oh God, you met me as a virgin right?"

" What has that got to do with the situation on the ground?"

How do I clear myself out of this mess for goodness sake? Someone has a hand in this matter, they are after something and they are ready to destroy my relationship with him knowing fully well that he has anger issues. Now that I am pregnant, he would not even believe me, I am doomed...I have failed! With the look of things, this guy will not believe me if I tel

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