Chapter 67

"You are sick upstairs for you to think that I will just forgive you and move on as if nothing ever happened" she fumed, she wanted to give him another resounding slap but she realized it was fruitless to do so, after all, he was a fool himself, she thought again. 

    Just then, Naomi's aunt arrived at the scene so that matters would not get out of hand, she went ahead to hug her niece and pat her back, 

"Why do you not just calm down and listen to the nonsense he has to utter before you draw conclusions, after all, the decision is yours, you have the right to determine whether you will forgive him or not, okay? Just calm down" she whispered in her ears, those words seemed to further annoy Naomi, she had no choice but to shout,

"Aunty, I do not need to listen to whatever he has to say because he does not deserve it, okay? He does not deserve it, all he knows is to break a heart and come back for forgiveness, or am I wrong?" She asked.

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