Chapter 70

"Fine, for the love that was once between us, let him know I am his father, do not take this chance away from me, for good fifteen years, I did not know him, I also want to be part of his life," he said pleading.

" Fine," she said.

" And please, forgive me okay? And give us the chance to go back to the way we were in the past" 

 For a while, her eyes softened until her gaze on him became hard again, 

"In your dreams," she said and went back in.

" Why is it so hard for her to forgive me and move on? I thought I saw her eyes soften earlier?" He muttered and went back into his son's ward.

"Baby, I have something to say," Naomi said staring at Fred, he urged her to go o.

"Will you like to have a dad?" 

"Uncle Mac? No, I do not approve of him!" He said firmly.

" No, this man here will ..."

"Oh, really Mom? I will love to have him as my dad, he seems nice and caring, earlier, he got me a sausage, piz

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