Chapter 71

"Please, Naomi, I am sorry for everything, I know I have offended you in the past but then, we all make mistakes, please just give me a chance to make you mine, I am sorry for asking too much but I just can not help it, Naomi, please forgive me," She suddenly felt pity for him, 

I think it is time to let go of everything, after all, he saved me from the devilish Mac and paid our son's bills, she thought sighing and stood up, 'I will think about it" she said and went back to the ward her son was.




   "Where have you been since yesterday? I was damn worried about you!" Dave said as soon as Jack got in"

"Donated blood for my son* he said tiredly as he sat down on one of the mattresses available.

"What? How did that happen? Is Fred sick or what? How did you get Naomi to support you to do something like that? How were you even able to get close to them in the first instance?" Dave asked at once.

" Too many questi

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