Chapter 73

"Jack, I am nervous, "

"You do not need to be okay? I know everything was rushed but you have to bear with me, okay?" He said smiling.

" Fred, will you like to see grandpa and grandma?" His dad asked.

" Of course Dad, I will," he said giggling.

" Are we going now?" He asked again.

"Of course son,"

  The drive to his father's mansion barely lasted twenty minutes and Naomi could not help but be nervous, she was as scared as hell.

"Mom, Dad, I am home!" Jack yelled.

"My dear is back, even if I did not know the place you had your vacation," he said hugging him tightly.

" Wait, mom, you miss me?"

"Of course I do,*

  It was when she disengaged that she saw Naomi and Feed. She saw a striking resemblance between her son and Fred, she needed no one to tell her he was her first grandchild.

 But how? She thought surprised, she stared at Naomi and saw that the face looked familiar but she did not

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