Fourth: Her Fate, Untold


Carrie is staring in a blank space by the window when the doorbell rings. She peeks at the window to check her visitors and she nods at the two men waiting by her doorsteps. She seems to be expecting the visitors so she unhesitantly opens the door and greets them.

"Good morning, Doctor," she tries to smile but her smile can't seem to reach her eyes.

Who wants to meet the Doctor anyway. This old hermit is one of the wolves one can only see in worst-case scenarios. The last time Carrie saw this man was when they signed a treaty of peace with some Asian wolves they met a few hundred years ago. He is the oldest official who runs their pack behind the shadows. His wolf is not that powerful, its presence is actually almost nonexistent to Carrie, but his old intellectual mind holds their pack's history and wisdom enough for him to earn respect and an august position.

"Good morning, Hill?" the older man responds. Carrie nods to his unstated question.

"How long have you been using that surname?" he asks again trying to have a friendly conversation. This time, he enters the foreign home without any invitation. Carrie is left with nothing to do but open her doors wider for the two men to pass. The tall man who walks after the Doctor gives her a greeting nod.

"We've been the Hills since 45 years ago," Carrie answers. The old man gives her a long 'hmm' sound. He then plops down carefully on the sofa in her living room.

"You didn't change surnames after that incident?" the old man follows up. He is casually scanning the living room uncaring of Carrie's uncomfortable situation.

Carrie looks down at the floor and tries to control herself. Why does everyone always like to bring it up? she asks herself remembering that unwanted incident is St. Patricks. It takes some seconds for Carrie to respond politely.

"We didn't see the need to, Doctor."

"Hmm... really? The officials are not buying it though. Tom has been continuously receiving foul comments. Some say he is being biased. That impression doesn't really help him as the Beta of our pack. What I'm -"

"I apologize, Doctor. I won't discuss that thing in my house," Carrie cut the old man's sentence. She is expecting this Doctor will bring up the discussion about Hansel's exile. This brings sudden silence to the pale living room. Carrie doesn't want to, but she feels regretful about the impoliteness she just exhibited.

This man is the Doctor, Carrie.

"I see..." Carrie is surprised by the Doctor's response. His expression doesn't seem angry but rather distanced now.

"Did you know why I am here?" he asks again.

"Tom says you'll deliver the medicine yourself," Carrie answers - her voice a bit lower than before.

He nods and signals his acquaintance to give Carrie the medicine. The tall younger man lifts and opens his unmoved tourniquet briefcase. He digs from it a thick brown envelope which he puts on the coffee table nearest to Carrie.

It is the medicine.

"To tell you the truth Ms. Hill, I came here to give you a warning," the old man says and stands up preparing to leave.

"That girl will be tangled to something much bigger... and more dangerous."

Carrie's interest is picked and she looks at the old man, muddled. 

"It can't be stopped now, so there is no point in telling. Just... tell your precious daughter to be wise in her decisions. That is the only way she can protect her loved ones," the Doctor says and he taps Carrie's shoulder trying to say she should be strong and calm.

Before can Carrie react, the two men are in the doorway showing themselves out. She runs to them and she shouts, "What are you saying?"

The old man doesn't answer and just waves 'goodbye' to her. Carrie's mind is full of questions and worries. She is thinking of her daughter, Hansel. What kind of fate does she have? What did she do wrong to experience all this?

"Oh, sweet gods..." is all she can say.


"So, make sure to use the APA format -"


Our teacher is stopped halfway through his sentence when the bell rings. Students automatically stand up and hurry themselves out after the alarm. I am still on one of the seats at the back, but my old seat is now occupied by someone called Arche. I am still a bit annoyed at these boys' attitude, but I think they will smack me if I dare to speak against them.

When almost half of the class are outside, our teacher exits too after writing the book pages of our homework on the board. By then I stand up to gather my things.

"Hi, boy. You weren't here yesterday. I missed you," says a familiar high-pitched voice. I look at my far left and see Gale wrapping herself around this strange human they called Arche.

"Don't call me that. I'm no one's boy," Arche replies. He is annoyingly nonchalant that he doesn't even pay Gale a glance and continues to walk out of the classroom with his boys.

Gale doesn't seem to be affected by his unfriendly response and instead giggles excitedly looking happy that Arche speaks to her. I hear her say "Of course, my boy" when the gang was out of sight. Her girls walk over her and they all giggle together celebrating that very short encounter with this Arche.

Are they serious? I almost want to laugh.

They seem to notice that I am eavesdropping and this girl Gale stomped her feet again silencing the girls. I can sense her pressuring glare at me as they walk out of the classroom silently. They kind of warning me to don't get entertained by what I see, but I can't help but laugh quietly at their epic struggle for that human boy's attention.

I really thought Gale and her girls are overreacting about this Arche boy, but when I enter the cafeteria I realize that they are not. 

They are not the only ones.

The whole cafeteria transforms into a party place. There are more students than usual, there are free pizza and drinks everywhere. There is a rock band singing. There are banners saying Welcome Back Arche. There are even balloons. What?!

I try to get to the counter to order a decent lunch, but there seems to be no staff giving food in there. I am about to get out of that laughable place when I bump into Alex. He is with his girls from yesterday and he holds a cup of some liquid in his hands. He seems to be enjoying it, but when he notices that my eyes are fixed on the cup he is drinking, he defensively said that the free drinks are only cola and lemon tea.

Of course! This is a school. Alcohol is not allowed! What am I thinking? I scold myself for being so paranoid.

"Have you had lunch? We can't skip?" I ask him. He nods okay and one of her girls feeds him a giant burger which he bites playfully. They both laugh and flirt in front of me making me want to puke. It sometimes makes me wonder how Alex can handle such intimacy with humans.

"Okay. I can't stay here any longer," I bid them goodbye because I need to hurry and eat.

As a carnivore who is limited to eat our fill of meat, we werewolves tend to get hungry easily. Once we get hungry, we must eat immediately or we'll lose our human consciousness. Our wolf will take over and will find its meal to gobble.

The last time I saw this happening was when one of my cousins went out to hike with limited food supplies and got lost. Our family, who happened to be nearest to the area he hiked into, was entrusted to rescue him. And when we found him, he almost looked like a savage wild animal. He was on his wolf form, ready to bite. He even tried to eat me when I was in my human form.

For this, I got this phobia of hungry werewolves, and I said to myself "I'll never let it happen to me". So now, I can't let myself be hungry, especially that I haven't had the medicine yet.

The moment I stepped out of that crowded place, my fear just comes true. Uncalled, I bend to maintain my balance. I get so dizzy and a flash of memory ignites in my head. 

"Hansel! Let's grab some burger," a girl in floral dress sways in front of me.

"Cool. I know a vegan resto-bar just around the corner. You can't say no now, Hansel," says the boy standing close to the floral girl. They look so good and sweet together. They are both smiling at me...

Who are they again?

"Hansel!" When I look up, I see Kaze shaking me to my senses. "Are you okay?" he looks worried.

"I need to eat," is all I can say. His worried look turns into laughter. I am not feeling well, so I can't smile at his very loud laugh, but seeing him laugh tingles me for an unknown reason.

He invites me to the soccer field when I complain about the crowded cafeteria we just went through. Food delivery is allowed at this school, so he orders me burgers and some fries. When the food arrives, I unashamedly dig the food box, remove the meat of my burger, and bite so largely. 

"You hate meat?" he asks naturally as he grabs his own food.

"No. I only hate greasy ones like patties," I answer. I also want to add "My favorite is uncooked ones", but of course I can't say it.

"Oh. Interesting," he says looking at me while nodding. "I know someone who hates greasy, and fried meat too," he added looking over the soccer field. 

I want to ask who, but he seems not willing to talk about it. He takes a giant bite and left his mouth full to avoid adding details. We are able to finish our burgers and fries before the bell rings. Time feels a little slower with him, and I kind of like it. He is so gentle and sensitive that when he suggests a topic and I answer briefly, he know I am not comfortable talking about it and he will change the topic right away.

To be fair, I don't ask senstive questions too. We talk more about school and the Trenfor town. How peaceful the town is. How much tourist it gets on summers. How both the school and Trenfor been featured in many major magazines in big cities, and many more.

I also learn from him about that Arche everyone glorifies. He is the football captain of the school. The rank 1 in Grade 11 academics. A robotics wizard. And the son of the mayor. My jaws are left open when I learn about it. I mentally put the details together and understand why everyone treats him like that. In the end, what I realize is that, he is acting big and powerful like all rich and smart kids I know.

"He is not that impressive in person," I tell Kaze and he chuckles. I blurted out that comment so casually, but after a few seconds, I feel like my own words hurt me. For an unknown reason, I want to take back what I said, and praise this wonder boy a thousand times.

"You're way a better man than him," I add almost rebelling against myself.

Kaze only laughs at my comment and I slowly feel better. When we are about to walk apart, he invites me to see his basketball game later after class. I want to turn down his invite, but what he says next makes me want to fly to Alex.

"Alex is also playing with us." He says playing tricky, then he runs back to her building. I am left there cursing my idiot brother.

WHAT?! He knows he can't play physical sports with humans. What is he thinking?!

I try to get my phone and contact him but his phone is out of reach, and my next teacher is eyeing me in the hallway - checking if I am to go in or to go cut class.

And of course, a nerd like me has only one choice - that is to go back inside the class and jot down notes.

Alexxx!!! I'll deal with you later.


The whole time after that, I can't take my mind off of Alex. While listening to the discussions and casually reciting on class, I am imagining what if he transforms into his wolf form while dunking a basketball. He did that when we played last summer with our cousins, and the court had to be fixed before we could play again. I remember Martin being totally furious of him because they were about to win the game, and Alex spolied it that easy.

If he doesn't transform into wolf, what if he fails to control his strength and endure other humans, or Kaze? What if he break the basketball because of his unknown claws? What if he gets offended by human sports and lose himself? 

Oh no, Alex! I want to strangle you right now.

"Ms. Hill?" Our subject teacher is in front of me now. I am spacing out I don't see him walking to me.

"Yes?" I only answer, confused.

"We are hearing you say, you're going to strangle someone? Who could it be?" the teacher asks playing dumb to insult me.

"Ah-... my... my dog, Mr. Smith," I fail to say my lie straight. 

The whole class rumbles their disappointment. Booing me for what I said. Some even threw paper on me telling me I am an animal abuser. 

Wow... I never think they are animal lovers...

The teacher stops them from bullying me further but I see his eyes glint a piece of warning as he spaces out from my seat. The class easily moves on from me, and continue with the boring classes. Even though I am trying not to think negatively, I can't stop thinking how I can slap Alex back to reality that he can't play sports with humans.

When the bell of the last class rings, I hurry to the bulletin board to look for the map of the school. I am trying to find out where the gymnasium is. I have to hurry there before the game starts or else Alex will play the game. I am so afraid that my imaginations will come true. If anything like that happens, who knows what this town will do to him. Or what our pack will do to our family.

I am having a hard time interpreting the 2d map on the wall when I observe people are hurrying into one place. I even hear some say,

"Kaze and Arche will have a basketball showoff! Isn't that epic?!"

"It is! They are the demigods of Trenfor. Who do you think will win?"

"I think it's Arche...

"No, it'll be Kaze...

And their babbles become unauditory to me. I don't think twice and run to where people are going. I shave people on my way trying to control my strength, and that is so difficult. I feel like I have to be quick, but I am walking on expensive ceramic dolls.

I reach the gym, finally. But, I can't go pass to the player's area because of the crowd. I am in the middle of the swarm of people when I see Alex talking to Kaze. And they are already in their basketball uniform?

Oh no! I am too late.

"Excuse me..." I still try to get to Alex, but I think it is so impossible to stop him now.

What a troublesome brother he is?!

People are getting angry at me when I try to steal their spots. I continously apologize and seep in to the crowd. I am stopped when the loud speaker echoes. People are electrified with excitement, and moving in the crowd becomes harder on me.

"And now! Girls and boys! A very rare ocassion. We have it here today, Kaze and Arche!!!"

Crowd go crazy. Instant cheering squad are chanting their names. My ears are going to explode, so I cover them with my hands. The vibration of the loud speaker and the cheering crowd make me nervous that I tremble. I am fighting my feeling but I think my wolf is triggered. She is so overpowering and afraid at the same time that even though my conciousness tells me that I am safe, it is only an overexcited crowd, She still wants to get out and keep us safe. I need to get out here before She takes over.

"Okay! Let's start the game," the speaker begins the game.

Though I know I mysef is in trouble, I can't leave Alex here. I am having double thoughts and just decided to stay in one corner with less crowd. Luckily, I see that below the bleachers are some teachers that are watching the game too. I persistently squeeze myself to walk pass people and get to the little haven. After some minutes, I am successful to secure a seat in one corner under the bleachers.

The crowd become so exaggerated again. I look at the two teams on the court, and all are looking dangerous and powerful players. They can equal the level of Alex's presence amidst being mortal humans. This baffles me, because humans don't usually give off this enigmatic presence, but all of them are throwing it right now.

What is happening?

When the student referee calls for a jump ball, Kaze and Arche step on the middle of the court and ready for the jump ball. For some seconds, I think I see two wolves gritting their teeth in competition. The crowd becomes silent in that unexplainable moment. Did they see it too? Or my wolf is making me hallucinate?

At the sound of the whistle, the ball flies in the air and the two competetive men follows it. They jump so high I think they can be par with national athletes. It is hard to admit but I think by just seeing them jump I realize they deserve all the cheers that fill up the gymnasium.

Everything happens so fast. Kaze gets the ball and he passes it to Alex. Annoyance is evident on Arche's fine face as Alex runs for the basket, and my heart literally stops as I pray he will not use his wolf strength and speed. My prayers are heard because he doesn't use it, but I think he is having a hard time controlling his own natural strength. He passes the ball right away to his team mate in the three-point zone, and his teammate fire for a three-point shot. It goes in and the crowd starts cheering Kaze's team again.

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