Sixth: The Sunflower Field

I try my best on the following days to avoid Arche and even Kaze. I see Kaze casually talking to Alex about some stuff they only understand, and since Alex is always the talkative and clingy friend, I get to avoid Kaze easily.

For Arche, avoiding him is the hardest, because he intentionally does things that catch my attention. Like in our PE class, we were running some lapses while his football team was doing warm-ups. In the middle of my run, he intentionally kicked the ball in my direction that I almost fell on the ground when the ball whistled past me. I even saw him grinning maniacally at my shocked reaction. People, even our teacher, just laughed at me like I was some kind of entertainment. I almost growled at their annoying happy faces.

I think I need a tap on my back for all the holding back I did for that Arche. That kid is wildly sipping on my nerves.

"You look stressed." Mom said as she puts milk on my cereal.

"School," I simply say. "Being a nerd is taking its toll on m
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