The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter)
The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter)
Author: Crystal L


“Welcome to the final level of the Bloodlust Games” she announced walking through the podium where Richard and Kiara rose from under ground. The woman had them both standing on specific circles to rise in front of their audience. The people who had come from all around the world to watch them fulfill their task. The games had become popular enough that almost everyone had heard of them. It scared both Richard and Kiara, though the two made sure not to show anything to both the audience and hosts.

They both knew that in this place, they had two options. They would either play or die. They knew that like the back of their hands, having watched so many other contestants die trying to pass the levels of these games. The two dreaded each task they had to take, but they knew that they had to go through with each of them.

“The final task is simple. Both of you would be provided a gun, each of your guns would have a single bullet and the bullet would be used to be shot on the person sitting on the chair behind the curtain” Lilian announced looking at both Kiara and Richard, their eyes glared at her. She knew that they hated being in the games, watching as everyone gasped in anticipation, waiting to see who were the ones behind the curtains. The two had an idea on who the two would be and it killed them inside knowing what they had to do. But this was just a show for Lilian, she was doing this for revenge, and the woman was getting what she wanted so far.

Both Kiara and Richard didn’t say a word as they walked toward the table with the guns, their eyes fixed on the curtains which now revealed who they were to kill. Their eyes met Lilian’s who was smiling when the curtains were finally off the two people who were sitting on the chairs. Both contestants looked at one another then at the two who were on the chairs.

Nikolay and Grace Ivanov.

“Now, you have five minutes”

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Crystal L
I'm so glad you're enjoying itttt!!! You'll just have to wait and see hehe
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Of course they will be. ......... Oh no what will the two do? I can’t wait to read this book. I love your bloodlust story author .........

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