Chapter 3


“Love, I do think that we need to start heading home” Kiara said looking at me. She was laying on her stomach on top of my chest, her eyes staring into mine as a smile made its way to her lips. I smiled and ran my fingers through her somewhat messed up hair. Our earlier events having reflected on both her hair and body which was now filled with a few love bites which I left on her.

“Indeed we do, but I’m currently more comfortable with you being here in my arms. The two of us just being together, nothing and no one to disturb us. You know, us going home would mean interacting with people, going back to responsibilities…”

“Nikolay! The guests are literally coming for OUR anniversary!” Kiara scolded tapping my chest and I laughed.

“Not an issue, the family can host them. They can come up with some excuse that I decided to surprise you, or that we travelled. You know…”

“Don’t you even dare suggest, Ivanov. The two of us are going back home to the guests” Kiara said and I smirked tightening my arms around her waist and turning around. Hovering over her body, slowly situating myself between her legs. Kiara’s eyes widened and I smirked leaning down to meet her lips.

“Okay, I won’t verbally suggest anything. But I’m pretty sure that you would have a hard time walking without a limp when the two of us are done here, and you might even be begging for more. You know, the possibilities are endless” I whispered to my wife, making sure to let my breath hit her sweet spot before biting her earlobe. She moaned and I smirked loving the effect I was having on her. But to my surprise, my wife stuck to her opinion and put a hand on my chest pushing me away. Her eyes meeting mine as forced us around, though I was a lot stronger and heavier than she was, I did as she wished and laid on my back, watching as she got on top of me.

“You and me will go to the house Nikolay, we’ll enjoy the night with the guests who are coming from all around the world to celebrate the two of us. Then I’ll prepare a little surprise for you, and I’m sure that you won’t regret the little wait” Kiara whispered to me, leaning to my neck and kissing it softly, momentarily distracting me before she sprinted out of my arms making my eyes widen in confusion.

I smirked and got out of bed, lifting her in my arms taking her by surprise. Our naked bodies touching one another as she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my torso, my hands resting under her butt as I held her close.

“Fine, we’ll have it your way princess. But you and me are going to shower, I’ve already prepared the dress you’ll be wearing anyway, and it won’t be you who would be making the surprise for me tonight. I’ve got a few things planned for us tonight, and we won’t be staying home this evening either” I whispered to my wife as I walked to the bathroom with her in my arms. Kicking the door open, I walked inside and put her to sit on the counter as I filled the tub, adjusting the water’s temperature before turning around to face my beauty who was watching me with a raised eyebrow.

“And where do you plan on us staying for this evening, Mr. Ivanov?” Kiara asked calmly. I smiled and walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her body closer to mine. I rested my forehead against hers and the two of us smiled when I connected our lips with one another for a second. It was an innocent, gentle peck on the lips, but even it was filled with love, passion, and undying desire. The two of us knew that each kiss, touch, or even simple look meant everything between the two of us, and we loved and cherished every second of it.

“That would be a surprise, but as I told you. You are mine this evening, and I am yours. We’ll get this gathering over with, then you and me are escaping the house for a few nights” I said looking my wife in the eye, I knew that she was about to object as she worried about the kids but I connected my lips with hers stopping her from speaking as I kissed her “I already spoke to mom and Maddie about this, everyone in the house will be taking care of them. This my and your time”

“But Nik…”

“No but, you and me already talked about this. I’m taking control from here, I don’t want to watch you exhaust yourself and do nothing about it. You and me are going to have fun, we’re going to relax for a few days, and I never said that we are going to neglect our responsibilities toward our children. No, never, but the two of us are not going to neglect ourselves either, and more specifically, YOU are no longer going to neglect yourself and if you do try to, I’ll be there caring for you and making sure that you’re caring for yourself” I said stopping Kiara. My wife smiled at me and wrapped her arms around my neck, resting her forehead against my shoulder for a second as she took deep, slow breaths.

“What did I ever do to deserve a loving man like yourself?” Kiara suddenly asked and I smiled. The woman was an angel, despite what we did, who she was, and where she came from, the woman was born an angel. Yes, it is true that her parents had tried turning her into a killing machine, a weapon basically, but even so. The woman managed to somehow cure herself, the love she showed to everyone around her, the care, her selflessness. Hell, the woman never asked for anything in return from anyone she helped or did ‘favors’ to, I couldn’t even call them as favors as she never mentioned them. It was like they never happened.

“Believe me, princess. It is me who should be asking that question, and not you” I said gently. I cupped her cheeks and made her look me in the eye. I smiled when I saw the beautiful light in her eyes, the happiness that was in them. I knew that she was content with being with me, she was happy, fearless, strong. Everyone who knew her respected, loved, and cared for her. It was no question, I didn’t even need to enforce a rule for them to do so. Well, maybe when we first got married. But that was a whole different case, and whole different scenario. Claudia had been pretending to hate her back then, maybe she initially did. As both girls didn’t trust her for who she was and where she came from. Her father’s reputation was known among every mafia man around, no one trusted the man. He had made sure to break all his connections for years, that was until he decided to want try and mend the damage he did to everyone. His perfect idea for that was making an arrangement or deal of a contract marriage, connecting both families. In a way, it was the safest methods, but that would also include HIM follow to his own deal. Which of course, he didn’t and that ended up costing his life, whether or not I was his daughter’s husband.

Him dying cost us a conflict with his wife, the woman had been cheating on him for years. She even has a bastard son. Harry, who is Kiara’s five year old little brother. Finding out that he wasn’t Louis’s son didn’t surprise us, at least didn’t surprise me. Having found out that Kiara had a brother that she didn’t know of. The man was almost thirty when she met him and his mother had tried killing him the second her lie came out to the public, which was her family and before he died, her husband. Lilian had done her best to escape the house when Sebastian first took over. But we always managed to catch her before she did, the woman eventually gave up, or at least, she isn’t trying anything for now. That gave her a little more freedom around her house. However, that didn’t mean that Sebastian didn’t have his men watching her.

“I love you, Nikolay” Kiara whispered breaking my train of thoughts. I looked at my beauty who was sitting on the sink’s counter, bare for my eyes to see. She was mine as I was hers, everything that has happened throughout the first year of our marriage simply made our relationship what it was today. The love we had for one another, the strength that the two of us had in our relationship was something that everyone envied us for, though no one really knew what we’ve been through. Aside from the people who personally knew us and were trusted friends or family. Everyone always thought that the two of us started out as the perfect husband and wife. Especially since contract marriages were a normal thing in the mafia world. I was the only one to get that kind of marriage since my great grandfather’s wedding. The woman had been killed by him when he found out that she had been a spy sent in the form of his wife. Louis wanted Kiara to be the same, but what he didn’t expect was for our buried feelings to sprout and grow once more. Which is exactly what Dimitri expected happening.

You see, despite the numerous conflicts we had when I was in love with Kiara as a kid. He was the reason the two of us were separated and that was the reason I stopped calling him father years ago. That didn’t mean that he didn’t support the wedding to the maximum when it was about to happen and when it happened. Mom had fought for Kiara when we first got married, that was before the two of them got into a deep conflict which turned them against one another. Yes, they somewhat made up from it, but I knew that Kiara didn’t look at mom the same way she did when she first married me, and I couldn’t blame her for it, nor could I say anything about it.

“I love you too, my beautiful mishka”

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