Chapter 6


“Are you okay?” I whispered to Kiara who has been sitting in my arms. She’s been quiet for a while now after the encounter with her mom and I knew that it was because the woman got into her head. I didn’t like it, but I knew that this wasn’t the place to do so. Especially after Dimitri’s words did more than just simply put her in place.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind leaving” Kiara said looking up at me and I smirked at her. She rolled her eyes and I chuckled before kissing the crown of her head.

“Let’s give it another half an hour?” I said softly and Kiara sighed but nodded. She laid her head on my chest over my calm beating heart and I wrapped my arms around her. Taking her hand in mine, I intertwined our fingers and kissed her temple “she would eventually stop. She just needs to be put in place from time to time until she learns not to mess with you”


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