Chapter 7


“Okay, now you can open your eyes” Nikolay whispered removing his hands from my eyes as we reached wherever he was taking me. According to him, it was a surprise and he didn’t want to ruin it by letting me see where we were entering, though I technically knew that we were in Florida. He didn’t want me to see the ‘surprise’ he has set for me.

My eyes widened at the beautiful sight that was in front of me. We were currently standing in front of a window, inside what looked like a cottage in front of the sea. The room was soundproof hence why I couldn’t hear the beautiful sound of the waves. All you could see around us was sand and the beautiful ocean, the sunrise gave the ocean a beautiful reflection of orange, pink, and blue. The room was filled with candles and flower petals and on top of the bed, a single white rose laid in the middle of the bed. I turned to face my husband to find him smiling at me, clearly loving my r

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