Chapter 8


“Fuck!” I hissed before collapsing over my wife who was completely drained by now. I had a hard time catching my own breath but after the sixth round this evening. Yeah, I couldn’t expect any less. Though we did stop to take a break, we even went to shower, but we somehow always managed getting back on this bed.

I pulled out of Kiara knowing that there was no way the two of us would be able to go on for another round. My woman wouldn’t be able to walk out of bed if she tried to, not that I minded though. I loved cradling her in my arms, we both knew that she would eventually end up laying in my arms for long hours before she decided to want to try and walk only to fall after losing her balance. It was both cute and amusing and though Kiara would glare at me for it, I knew that she loved it.

“Yeah, now I understand why you said that we wouldn’t be able to go to the beach today” Kiara teased and I laughed wrapping

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