Chapter 45


I stared at Nikolay’s lifeless body for a second before turning my attention to my mother whose eyes were wide in both fear and confusion.

“What have you done, Kiara?” She asked as she stared at both Grace and Nikolay “what have you two done?”

“The task, mother” I said coldly. Her eyes were wide in fear when they met mine and I nodded giving her a cold smile, one which she taught me how to give for a long time. She had told me once that it was the way to survive in the mafia world, a cold smile which didn’t reach your eyes, but gave you a peace of mind.

She rushed out of the podium through a door and I nodded at Richard to come with me, the two of us leaving the startled audience as we walked through the door. Ian was hiding somewhere, staying away from the spotlight, though that wouldn’t be for long. Mother would come and look for him, and that might not end too well for her, especially when sh

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