Chapter 46


“Come on” Kiara said smiling as she put the spoon of soup in my mouth. The fact that the nurse had told her that the less movements I made, the better it would be made her not allow me to move from the bed unless I wanted to go to the bathroom, and even that was with the help of one of the men.

Though, I wouldn’t lie when I say that I can’t see the sadness in her eyes. Despite the smile that she’s been putting on, I can see the exhaustion in her beautiful green orbs. That fact itself was bothering me, whatever it was, I knew that she was blocking it inside her as not to worry or upset me when I was in such a state. But that didn’t mean that I liked or appreciated it.

I put my hand on hers when she was about to lift the spoon from the bowl making her frown in confusion as I studied her expression “what’s going on, baby girl? What are you keeping from me that’s having you this broken?”


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