Chapter 48


“So, do you want to politely tell me what else you did? Or do I need to break the rest of your teeth?” I asked Anastas. My fists covered in blood from punching him as hard as I did. I was currently wearing metal rings that I knew would break his whole jaw if I put the correct force into my punch.

Anastas spat on me and I raised an eyebrow before punching his abdomen making him cough out blood. His eyes widened as he tried catching his breath, it having been knocked out of his chest. I was thankful for the walls being soundproof, otherwise, I would’ve have taken this elsewhere.

“Again, what else did you do to harm my family?” I asked calmly. My voice was controlled as Vladimir pulled the man’s head back by his hair, forcing him to look at me. Anastas’s eyes were wide in fear as he saw the danger that he was in. But it wasn’t like he didn’t know it, he grew up with me. He knew what annoyed me, what did

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