Epilogue (Last Chapter)


I laid my head on my husband’s chest as he ran his fingers over my waist. The two of us having rented a house on the beach for a few days to be alone.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Nikolay asked me. His lips kissing my temple as I smiled and I looked up at him.

“Well, for starters, I want us to make up for lost time. Lost love hours and minutes, you know, that kind of thing” I said looking my husband in the eye, he smirked and laid wrapped his arms around me, bringing me closer to his chest. Bringing my lips to his own, kissing me softly.

“You know, since we’re finally alone for the next few days. I was thinking that we could give Dani and Lia a little baby brother or sister” Nikolay said making me raise an eyebrow.

“Our children are still babies, Nik” I said looking at Nikolay who smiled.

“Exactly, they can grow with one another, having a near age range. They&rsq

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