Behind the Mask

Choi Dea hopped out from the driver seat and closed the car door slowly.

    She was standing in front of a small neat two-storey building and the whole place was plunged into dark as the lights were off. She wondered if her sister was in her home, otherwise she weren't aware of where to find her. As usual, she came here without informing her about that.

   Choi Joo-eun was a thriving model of a new fashion company and because of her beautiful look, it didn't take much time for her to gain popularity. She was two years younger than Dea, actually they weren't blood siblings by birth. Dea was known of the fact that her sister hated her as much as possible, nothing could stop her from that since she hadn't even hesitated to destroy her own father's company.

Sometimes, hate for someone can go beyond control, it becomes massive.

    Choi Dea took a deep breath and passed the gate of the house. She could hear the monotonous humming

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