There was Her Home

Dea tiredly entered the password of the gate, good thing her stepmother didn't change that until that time. 

     Her head was still throbbing because of what Joo-eun had said to her earlier, her mind was running with an unknown feeling. All she had done in her life was just moving on and pretending everything else around her was invisible, the cause was she had been broken. Something had broken her a long, long time ago, which couldn't be fixed again. But in this evening, after hearing Joo-eun's words, another thing seemed to snap inside her again.

A middle-aged housemaid named Wandara opened the front the door. She had been taking care of their house for years, she was kind-hearted and nice, Dea knew her well.

"Miss Choi!" Wandara widened her eyes, looking at her with shock. "You came home eventually! Why on the heaven you're still standing outside? Come in, come in!" she vigorously waved her hand and stepped aside from the door to let her

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