Hello, Mafia Boss

Dea wiped her lips with a tissue, then scowled at him with anger, an unusual feeling was sticking in her throat. "Lee Myung-dae!"

Myung-dae wanted to shrink into the chair. He didn't know his suggestion was totally that unexpected to her. He looked at her with pleading eyes, thinking how to explain this to her.

      A few months ago, he had come to hear some rumors about a new Mafia boss in Busan city. One night, he was being followed by some unknown strangers, while walking on the streets alone, he thought they were the spies of their competing companies. His phone was dead and he didn't have any gun with him for his protection. When those five guys attacked him from behind like some cowards, a man saved his life from them, just like a hero. Myung-dae had been in contact with that mysterious man a few times, but he didn't tell Choi Dea anything about that. He didn't even know about his true identity until a week ago by coincidence.

The Mafia bos

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