Meet him

The phone was ringing continuously. 

And boringly

    Dea relaxed herself under the shower, letting the water wash the soap lather from her body. She turned off the showerhead after quite a while and brushed the fog away from the mirror glass by her hand. She intensely looked into her brown eyes, while water was dripping from her hair. Then she let out a frustrated sigh and wrapped a towel around her naked body

After she stepped out from the bathroom, she picked up the phone, praising the caller's super lengthy patience.

"What's up, Myung-dae?"

"Gosh. What's with that voice?" His voice came through. "Are you alright?

"No, I don't think I'm. And yeah I was, until now," she replied curtly. "I feel annoyed. What did you call for?

"Really? CIO Ji-ho got the IP address a minute ago, so I called you to let you know that.

Dea put the phone in loudspeaker and started to shake the water from her hair gently, glancing at t

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