Between Durian and Mango

Alif is still engrossed in the bathroom. Babe Rojali banged on the bathroom door.

"Hurry up! Hurry out!" shouted Babe Rojali from behind the door.

"Elah, Be! My hair is still shampoo and it's been banged on. What's going on?"

"You have to hurry up and take a shower. Last night I ordered Doni, the new neighbor in front of our house. You have to go for an interview this morning at his office. Who knows your fortune will be accepted there."

Alif narrowed his eyes at Babe Rojali's explanation. What's wrong? When do you apply for a job? How come all of a sudden it's just an interview, Alif thought.

"What kind of work, Be? Then you'll be asked to date mature women again. It's boring. Looking for a fresh graduate once in a while," said Alif as he finished his bath.

"You have a terrible brain! What kind of work is important, it's halal (Shari'a or rules in Islam that regulate what can be done or eaten according to Allah's orders), Tong! After all, Doni is a manager at a property company. Before you go home, I'm just chatting with him. He said there's a vacancy in his office."

"Wow, that's great, Be! Just work on the property next month, let's have a two-unit apartment! You don't have to do a lot first. Later, one for me, or one for Nyak and Babe. Later, I bought another one for rent," said Alif opened the bathroom door, then came out with a towel wrapped around his waist.


Immediately Babe Rojali slapped Alif's head with a bottle of fried oil.

"You don't have to dream too much! Just buy a sack of land to plant flowers, don't worry!"

Mpok Indun appeared and was sad to see the behavior of the son and father and then joined in.

"Well, Bang. Just pray for the good of our child, what's wrong with that? Just say aamiin."

Alif sneered at Babe Rojali. "That's right. Wherever you are, the older you are, the cooler you are, the older Babe is, the louder you are, making a noise like firecrackers slamming."

"What cool? Your face looks like a hoe! Hurry up and go for an interview! Wear your neat clothes! Don't embarrass me. Thank goodness I can help you find a job."

"You don't need to be taught, Be. When it comes to appearance and good looks, l am an expert."

"Chicken ringworm!"


Alif already looks neat wearing a shirt and material pants, his hair is also neatly trimmed, without looking ugly. Armed with the prayers of Nyak and Babe, Alif is ready to go for an interview with Adam Property in the center of Jakarta, where Doni works.

Alif is enthusiastic and hopes that he will be accepted for the job. I'm also tired of working unclearly all this time and sometimes wandering here and there. Plus the hot ears get scolded by Babe Rojali every day.

As soon as he was about to approach Emen, his favorite motorbike, suddenly Alif's eyes were closed with a soft hand.

"Oppa! Oppa Sarangae! (Korean Laguange means I love you)" A girl's scream was heard behind Alif. Alif was confused and hurriedly removed the hand covering his eyes.

Immediately Alif saw in front of him a beautiful girl with smooth white skin, long straight hair dyed brunet with bangs adorning her forehead, Korean-style glowing makeup. Not only that. The beautiful girl wore a bling-bling shirt combined with a matching cardigan and tight hot pants.

"Oppa! Lisa is happy that Oppa is finally home! Why didn't you tell Lisa anyway? I can pick up Oppa at the airport. Huh, I miss you!" The beautiful girl named Lisa immediately hugged Alif spoiled. (Oppa means brother or man who is older in the Korean Language).

"Eeeh ... eeeh ...." Alif frightfully looked around them and immediately pulled Lisa away from her body. "You're crazy, Sa! Not a mahram! It's not good for people to see!" (Mahram means people who are lawful to touch such as husbands, brothers, parents. Apart from that it is forbidden in Islam to touch).

Lisa giggle but complied and wanted to let Alif go even though he tried to pinch Alif's cheeks many times.

"Ahh, Oppa is getting more handsome. Kiyowo! (Handsome/pretty)" Lisa crossed her arms with a cute expression.

Alif is annoyed. "Oppa, Oppa what are you doing? It's just getting worse, isn't it? Two years I've been gone, you're even crazier."

Suddenly a white-skinned boy with charming red lips came running over to Alif and Lisa while cheering.

"Daebak! There's Hyeong! (Hyeong means brother or a man who is older in the Korean Language) Annyeong ha seo. (What's up)" The seventeen-year-old youth bowed slightly to pay respect to Alif.

"Astaghfirullah," (Astaghfirullah is an expression of asking forgiveness from Allah) said Alif, shaking his head at the behavior of Lisa and Risky, her cousin Lisa, none other than the only son of Bik Cenul, Alif's neighbor.

"Why are you saying that, Oppa? Are we the devil? Lisa has made up this pretty to welcome Oppa's arrival. Ottoke? (How is it?) "  Lisa pouted spoiled at Alif.

Alif laughed amused. "What are you talking about? Oh God, what's wrong with Baim having two Korean wanna-be intercepted early in the morning?" 

Lisa doesn't care about Alif's remarks then takes the package that Risky brought and gives it to Alif. "These are cookies and special kimchi I cooked for Oppa. Oppa will like it."

Alif opens the package. There were two bowls, one filled with real Korean kimchi, the other delicious-looking chocolate cookies.

"I like this one," said Alit, taking the cookies and eating them. "If the vegetables are cooked, it's not what my stomach tastes like. I'd rather eat eggplant and jambul vegetables. That's delicious! But I'll still say thank you very much."

"Ugh, how come the vegetables are cooked? Oppa isn't cool. That's kimchi!" Lisa scowled, but then was grinning again.

"How are you, Oppa? How delicious are the cookies made by Lisa Lalalisa and Kai?" Lisa asked curiously.

Alif laughed again while pecking his lips at Lisa and Risky.

"Lisa, what's wrong? Kai is so poopy? Hey, wake up! Your name is Siti Muhnisah! And you are Risky Wardoyo! Lisa, Kai, so ridiculous."

Lisa pouted again. "Yeah! Bang, can't you see if I've tried to beat myself up like this? Who else if not for you? I'm already glowing like Lisa Blackpink so that you're happy! But I like it!"

"You're wrong, bucin! (bucin is a slang of slave of love)" Alif said. He knows (not just Alif, one village of Menyan knows) that Lisa or Siti Muhnisah, big fans of Blackpink Lisa from the poor era, are crazy about Alif. However, Alif's heart is already attached to another girl.

Loved shoots, the girl arrived. Alif's dream of a pious sweet girl appears. He's Ning. Completely Ningtya Arum Bestari walked into Alif's yard. Alif's heart immediately beat fast when he saw the girl who was diligent in worship and polite attitude. Every day the idol teaches the Al Quran in the mosque. They are not dating, but both promise each other to establish an official relationship to the aisle. She is Ning, Alif's true love since the 4th grade of elementary school, just when the girl had just moved to the village of Menyan.

"Assalamu'alaikum," said Ning, who looked stunningly beautiful wearing a pastel pink robe and a long hijab covering her aurat. It was peaceful looking at Ning.

"Waalaikumsalam," said Alif. Lisa also replied, but her facial expression was sullen when she saw Ning coming.

Immediately there was a contrasting scene between the reclusive soft sweet girl and the trendy beautiful girl.

"Alhamdulillah, Mas Alif has returned safely. Nothing is missing," Ning said, smiling shyly at Alif.

Alif immediately drew closer to Ning, but immediately kept his distance as Ning seemed to hesitate. That's how they have been. Love within limits.

Alif was very happy to see Ning's face again. For two years he had missed Ning. It is said that LDR is not appropriate because they are not dating. But the commitment that has been adrift between the two makes the distance torture.

Ning is still as charming as ever, even increasing the aura of beauty in Alif's eyes.

"This is for Mas Alif. Earlier, Ning made Mas Alif's favorite caramel cassava," Ning said as she handed Alif a parcel containing her homemade cake. Ning's eyes caught the chocolate cookies in Alif's hands and suddenly there was a spark in her heart. Alif immediately realized and hid the cookies behind his body. Immediately he received a parcel from Ning.

"Thank you, Ning. You still remember my favorite," said Alif.

Suddenly Lisa was holding Alif's hand. "Come on, Bang Alif, you said that you wanted to eat kimchi together? It's okay with Babe too!"

"Here, what the hell? When did I say I wanted to eat kimchi together?" Alif is embarrassed to let Lisa go, but Lisa still holds him firmly.

Ning noticed Lisa's hand was holding Alif's and became gloomy, immediately looking down again. Alif realized this and immediately pulled Lisa's hand away from him.

"Ning, it's not like that. Lisa likes to compose freely."

"It's okay, Mas. I have no right to forbid anyone who wants to stay in touch with Mas Alif."

Mpok Indun and Babe Rojali watched from the terrace of the house.

"Lif! Why don't you go for a ride? You even talk to the girls. You'll be late!" Mpok Indun said.

"Just leave it be, Beb! Let Alif be the one who cheers on," said Babe Rojali. "It's not in vain that I passed on my handsomeness to my children. Look at that, he's a crush on girls. It's like I was taken over by one sub-district. There are Lela children, Kong Haji's daughter, and Midah, Sarah, Zainab...."

Babe Rojali's words immediately stopped when he saw the wife next to him glaring in displeasure.

"Handsome is handsome, but why do you use it to mention all women, Bang? So what do you think, Bang?"

Babe Rojali smirked and immediately embraced his wife. "Don't worry, Honey. My love is just for you. Just be cranky. Yes, you are the most beautiful, the sexiest, that's why I made you my wife!"

Mpok Indun didn't get angry and smiled like a shy virgin.

"Our son is indeed handsome, so a lot of people like him. But I prefer Alif to be just Lisa."

"Why? Ning is suitable for Alif. Will be a pious daughter-in-law."

Mpok Indun from afar watched Ning's figure with obvious displeasure. "I feel not good about Ning. I don't know. It's like this, Bang, Lisa is durian, Ning mango."

Babe Rojali was confused. "Huh? Why are the girls the same as fruit?"

"Listen to first please, Bang!" Mpok Indun pinched his spoiled husband. "Lisa is durian, from the outside it's rough, sloppy, but inside, hmm... good and loyal. The proof is that waiting for Alif until now has been loyal even though Alif has often refused to die. On the other hand, Ning is like mango, from the outside it smells really good, but when you open it, it's really sweet, a lot of drag!"

Babe Rojali shook his head. "There you are! Your imagination is high."

Meanwhile, Alif is starting to feel uncomfortable with Ning, afraid that Ning will misunderstand Lisa.

"Then I'll say goodbye, Mas. Assalamu 'Alaikum" said Ning as he left.

"Eh, Ning. Wait, let me deliver it," said Alif, chasing Ning's steps.

"No need, Mas. I just want to go to the front shop, buy Bude Sastri's order. Mas Alif said he wants to go, you'll be late."

Ning glanced at Mpok Indun who saw that he didn't like it. Ning had always felt that way.

"Well, be careful, Ning. Let me know if there's anything wrong. Pray for Mas to get the job done, Ning." Alif smiled sweetly at Ning.

Ning nodded then left. Alif still watched Ning leave until the edge of the girl's robe was no longer visible at the turn of the road. Awestruck.

Before being teased again by Lisa, the wannabe K-Pop princess, Alif rushes off.



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