Ghost Sightings in New Neighbor's House

Alif has not felt nervous during an interview session in a long time. You know. Recently he has been getting odd odd jobs. Babe even often grumbles because his engineering degree is not used properly. Get a stray job that has nothing to do with technique.

But this time Alif's luck was good. The HRM (Human Resources Manager) who interviewed him seemed interested. The man read Alif's application in his hand with a broad smile. On that day Alif thanked Babe Rojali for caring so much about him that he secretly took care of Alif's application letter. Babe wants Alif to work quickly, not because of money, because Babe Rojali has a bamboo garden which results in a bamboo craft business. The turnover is decent and it is enough to help Mang Dayat, Kang Ibik, and several blind youths who are less fortunate to work there. Babe Rojali is just worried to see his single son become unemployed. Even though Alif is often beaten, abused, and taken in all sorts of ways, it's like a sensei swordsman punishing the toughest student in the martial arts world.

At the end of the interview, the manager greeted Alif and said that Alif could start his job from the same day as a staff in the public relations department. Job desk Alif is of course more in the field. Later he will survey potential buyers/tenants of houses or apartments. Grateful for not set a specific target. However, there is still bonus A and bonus B. Yes, the rest of Alif already understands.

The company is bona fide and prestigious. It would be stupid if Alif refused. Of course, he would. I was a bit surprised to be told to start work that day, but the handsome separator was trying to be professional.

"Today you will survey prospective buyers of a housing block on Dasapati street. Doni will accompany you. Or rather, you will become Doni's partner. He is the PR manager here," HRD explained while bringing Alif to a room where Doni had waiting for Alif.

Not having time to tour around the office, Alif is already faced with a handsome white man who tends to be pale, a few centimeters taller than Alif. His name is Doni. None other than the new neighbor in front of Alif's house.

"Hey, Lif! Are you ready yet? Let's move right away? Do you want to have coffee first?" Doni smiled kindly as he embraced Alif. The reception was very good for Alif.

"We can go there directly," Alif replied.

"Just relax. Don't hesitate here. If you just stay still, you'll get brushed later," Doni ordered. His lips were smiling, but his eyes were serious.

Alif smiled. Know exactly what Doni meant.

"The work is not complicated. As long as you have good conversations. You could say we are salespeople. Don't mean it's bad. Let's call it entertainment. Diplomacy affects business, you know." Doni offers a box of cigarettes to Alif.

Alif accepts the cigarette. "Thanks."

HRM watched the two for a while then left. "Okay. I'll take it off first, Don. Then send me the report. At 2 I have a meeting with the board of directors, so sorry if my cellphone is not active."

"Okay, let's continue. We're okay here." Doni moved his hand as if to drive the HRM man away.

Alif was a little surprised to see Doni's attitude. As soon as the HRM man left, Doni, who was smoking a cigarette, chuckled at Alif. "It's normal. Wherever there are models like that. It doesn't work if you don't lick it. Here, if you go straight, you will be crushed. But still, believe in your potential. You have skills, you don't need to be afraid."

"I know, Bro," said Alif, smiling back. Honestly, he feels comfortable with Doni. His feelings about someone are rarely wrong.

"There is something I want to ask," said Alif. But then he looked doubtful.

Doni embraced Alif again. "I know what you're thinking. And you don't have to worry about that. You weren't accepted here because of me. It's not that easy to get into this company. You work because it's the way it is. Just do the right thing so Babe is happy."

Alif nodded. They chatted for a while before Doni asked Alif to leave for a client survey as well as a prospect visit for several prospective buyers of luxury apartments.


This new job feels right for Alif. Alif had only recently understood how to work and was already familiar with the employees at the office, especially Doni.

After finishing lunch with a client at a cafe, Doni invited Alif to stop by his house first.

"Let's go to my house first. Let's have lunch," said Doni while showing the package of food he had bought at the cafe.

Alif laughed. "It's not that I want to refuse, but I'm already full enough to eat earlier."

"No. I mean I want to deliver this food for my wife," Doni explained. "I don't know why at this time, I always remember my wife and I'm going blank."

Alif laughed again. How do I know? I don't have a wife, thought Alif. However, according to him, Doni is so sweet as a husband that he remembers delivering food for his wife.

Because Alif's house is close to Alif's house, he wants to come with Doni to stop by the house. Alif is also impatient want to tell his parents that he was accepted and got a job position.

When he was about to turn towards his house, Alif was pulled by Doni.

"Go to my house first, Lif. Let me introduce you to my wife."

For the sake of politeness, Alif also wanted to. He followed Doni's steps, exploring the terrace of the house to the main door of the big house. Alif briefly glanced at the garden. Suddenly he felt bad. Memories of the past flashed where he saw the figure of a beautiful woman standing frozen on the terrace.

"Assalamualaikum," said Doni knocking on the door.

Suddenly the door swung open by itself. Alif immediately stuttered. However, Doni smiled and pulled Alif to follow him inside.

"The hinge of this door is broken, sometimes the door likes to open by itself. I forgot to fix it. Come on, let's go in. Maybe my wife is in the kitchen so she can't hear people coming."

Doni invites Alif in. Looks friendly and welcoming. Meanwhile, Alif was starting to feel awkward and hesitant to look around the house, which for some reason had a dark aura.

"Hmm, okay." Alif was forced to follow Doni's steps into the house. Alif was invited to sit in the living room. Immediately Alif felt someone peeking at him from behind the wall separating the living room from the terrace. However, as soon as Alif turned his head once more, there was no one in sight.

"What's wrong, Liv?" Doni asked.

Alif shook his head. "It's okay."

"Okay, take it easy, Bro. Make yourself at home."

Doni then looked towards the back of his house. "Kumara! Honey! Where are you, honey? Here, honey!" call Doni.

After a few seconds, the figure of a beautiful woman with super pale skin that Alif saw at that time appeared. She wore a knee-length white dress with her hair in a bun and a bun. There was a red rose tucked in her hair. In harmony with the color of red lipstick that is swept on her luscious lips. So pretty. It's like watching a movie star come out of a television screen.

For a few moments, Alif was dumbfounded. Was amazed to see a woman named Kumara.

"Aa Doni, you're home." (Aa means brother or calls for a man who is older in the Sunda Language) Kumara said softly. His voice seemed to tremble to shake Alif's heart.

Alif immediately shook his head and looked down. Ouch! What is it? See people's wives to that extent? Are these signs of an acute single predicate that must be removed immediately?

Doni stood up and hugged Kumara. They both looked affectionate like newlyweds.

"I miss you, Neng (calls for a woman in the Sunda Language). Here, I brought Neng's favorite fried chicken." Doni handed over the food parcel. Don't forget to land a kiss on his wife's forehead.

The wife smiled, looking at her husband full of happiness. "Thanks, A."

Alif muttered to himself in his heart. Yes, this is the fate of being single. Even more intimate scenes are shown!

Alif suddenly had the urge to pee. "Mas Doni, I'll take the toilet."

"Oh yes, Lif. Go ahead. Just keep going. The toilet is on the right after the kitchen. Want to be escorted?" Doni welcome.

"No need, Mas. It's okay." Alif hastily ran away.

Alif's base is no longer bad. Results are not as expected. What was there, Alif was even twirling erratically back to the corridor. Which one is the kitchen, which is the toilet, Alif confuses. Alif even saw the corridor in front of him suddenly lit up and there was a light smoke along the way.


"Astaghfirullah 'adzim. Why are you getting this horror? I am dying for a pee! Is this a haunted house or a haunted house show!" Alif muttered to himself.

His words just now include taboo. As soon as the word "ghost" he said, suddenly the flower vase on the side of the corridor fell by itself. Praaang! Split into two parts. The lights in the corridor that had been dim were even blinking.

"Oh God, this is the fate of Alif. I just want to pee, I have to go through obstacles like this." Alif can't wait to walk sideways because he's desperate.

Wow! Suddenly a black shadow flashed in front of Alif.

"Eh, squirrel! Eh, Maemunah what are you doing?" The young man was surprised not to play. Immediately shaking.

The black shadow has disappeared. But Alif's gaze was focused on a figure in a room whose door was open.

From behind, the figure of a woman with waist-length hair appeared. She was combing her hair while humming. Alif marked the dress he was wearing was the same as the dress Kumara wore earlier.

The woman was still busy humming. Alif is relieved that finally someone is seen around him and can help him.

"Sorry, Mpok. Not that I'm presumptuous. I was trying to go to the toilet, but I got lost." Alif walked closer to the door of the room.

The woman stopped combing her hair. He then turned to Alif. Right. She is Kumara, Doni's wife. A few seconds later, a strange thing happened. Kumara raised her hand that was holding the comb and chewed the comb. The comb fell out and was chewed by Kumara's teeth which became pointed with a "kraaaak ... kraaaak ..." sound like crackers being eaten.

Alif shrieked in fear. His body trembled from head to toe as he watched the scene before him. Just then, Kumara's face turned even paler and her eyes darkened.

"Huuuuuu!" Alif screamed and immediately ran away, running away from the room.

Alif who was scared kept running until his body was pulled by someone.

"Lif! Why are you screaming, Lif?" Doni looked at Alif confused.

Alif breathed a sigh of relief seeing Doni in front of him. Immediately he pointed towards the room where he had seen the hideous figure.

"There ... there is a demon, Mas! Really! She has long hair, its face looks like your wife, Mas!" Alif said still shaking.

Doni immediately looked displeased. "Don't talk carelessly, Lif. There are no demons here."

"I swear! By Allah, I'm not lying. The last time I was about to pee, I couldn't find the toilet, instead, I saw your wife combing her hair. Then, she ate the comb!"

Kumara with the same beautiful appearance as Alif saw in the living room earlier appeared behind Doni. He looked sad and looked down. Slowly, tears fell from his eyes. In silence, the graceful woman wiped her cheeks.

Doni sympathizes with Kumara. Wanted to persuade Kumara, but the wife immediately left. Doni then looked back at Alif.

"Maybe you saw it wrong earlier. Some neighbors also like to say strange things like you. Whatever it is, please don't say it in front of my wife. It's a shame that she's already stressed with all kinds of things from the residents here." Doni looked at Alif seriously.

"Oh God, I feel bad for you. But I'm not lying, I'm not talking like the people you said earlier." Alif is confused.

"That's it. Forget it. Now I'll take you to the toilet. After that, we'll go back to the office," Doni said.

Forget it? Well, you're good to say, Bro! I'm tired like a lunkhead for two days of being unemployed! Alif babbled to himself in his heart. However, he chose to remain silent and flanked Doni along to the toilet like a kindergarten child guided by his teacher. Let it go! Instead of being bullied again! Alif is annoyed.


That night Alif could not sleep. The terrible figure he saw at Doni's house kept on thinking. Alif gets goosebumps every time he remembers and becomes happy. Behind the scabbard, Alif shivered.

Mpok Indun entered his room carrying a tray of hot tea. He saw Alif who was lying shivering on his bed anxiously.

"Oh my God, Lif! Just a day at work, something strange happened to you! Get up first. Drink some tea so you feel better!"

Babe Rojali came, wide-eyed, annoyed to see Alif.

"What are you doing sleeping here like a child! Go and move your room! Are you a child sleeping with your Nyak and Babe?" Babe Rojali pulled Alif's body from the bed.

Alif even grimaced while holding his hand on the head of the bed. "Don't, Be! I just sleep here with Nyak and Babe so the ghost won't disturb me. I am scared!"

"Ghosts, ghosts, you're just talking! That's a reason! Just say you're lazy at work, right! Don't lie to me!" Babe Rojali said annoyed. He then pulled Mpok Indun. "Yeah, okay, Ndun. Just leave him here alone. Let us sleep in the next room."

Alif shouted and immediately hugged Mpok Indun and Babe Rojali. "Don't leave me! I go wherever Nyak and Babe go!"

Babe Rojali was annoyed that he tried to let Alif go, but it was no use. Alif hugged them tightly. There was a stir that night. Alif followed Nyak Babe everywhere.

"Why do you keep stalking me, silly?" Babe Rojali grumbled to Alif.

"Go away, Lif! I want to pee!" shouted Mpok Indun.

Alif doesn't care and keeps whining. Anyway, he still gets scared every time he remembers the scary figure of Kumara. He even screamed in fright when he saw Mpok Indun combing his hair, and kept on screaming wildly until he hit Babe Rojali's betta fish jar.

"Oh, Allah. Bang, shall we bring him for ruqyah?" (Ruqyah is a spiritual and physical treatment by reading the holy verses of the Quran).

Mpok Indun and Babe Rojali were dizzy. Meanwhile, Alif continues to chase them.


To be continued next

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