Weird Thing

This morning is so fresh. Also special for Alif because today is a day off after his first week of working at an elite property office. Time to relax while drinking coffee on the terrace, Alif thought.

Just a step out, Alif's smell caught the smell of uduk rice from across the street. Precisely at Mbok Cenul's house.

"Just wait in front of it. It's been a long time since I've eaten Mbok Cenul's curdled rice." Alif immediately went to Mbok Cenul's yard.

It has been a long time since Mbok Cenul has been in the breakfast trading business with cooking skills, a home page, and a small setting filled with perfunctory food ingredients.

"Anyeong, Hyung!" (Korean Language, means: Hello, Brother) said Rizky approaching Alif friendly.

Alif took a seat on a bench in front of a long table that could be occupied by several people. Sabrani was already there, a resident of the village of Menyan, drinking coffee while playing with his cellphone, scrolling through the F******k accounts of women wearing tacky clothes.

"All right, Om, I won't give it to Mpok Roja, your wife!" Alif sneered at Sabrani.

Sabrani smirked trying to hide the cellphone screen, but it was useless. Alif has also seen.

"Ah, you, Lif! It's like you never fail to move on with the most beautiful ex," said Sabrani.

"I don't have an ex. What is in my life is the woman of the future, Om." Alif casually picked up the fried food served on the table.

"What do you want, Hyeong?" asked Risky who had been waiting for Alif.

Alif laughed. "My goodness! Forgot you were there. I thought you are the statue in the mall. Sorry, sorry." Alif looked at the wares. There, Lisa was seen busy wrapping the buyer's order of uduk rice.

"Okay, one uduk rice, just a spoonful of sugar coffee. Don't take too much."

Risky nodded as he recorded Alif's order in a notebook, then placed a marker number on the table just in front of Alif.

"Okay, Hyeong. Please wait a moment." Risky walked away with cool movements like he was dancing.

Some people are willing to pay for groceries. Lisa, who was still busy packing food, carried Risky.

"Cashier, please!" said Lisa.

"Aigo! I'm tired, Eonie (Korean Language, mean: Sister). Do I have to do two roles anyway?"

Alif smiled seeing Lisa and Risky's behavior. "It's very stylish these two Korean-Wanna-be creatures."

Not long after, Mbok Cenul came from inside the house carrying a bowl of vegetables for the rice cake soup.

Lisa brought a plate of rice uduk and coffee ordered by Alif with a smile.

"Morning, Honey," said Lisa.

Alif is silent, ignoring Lisa. Lisa immediately blushed because Alif ignored her and took the initiative to sit beside Alif.

"What the hell are you playing with in the morning? You'll get busted and slander," Alif snarled in annoyance as he shifted his seat away from Lisa.

"Eh, just sit down. Do you want Lisa to feed you?" Lisa turned back to Alif.

Alif immediately shook his head and then engrossed in eating the uduk rice, ignoring Lisa again.

"If Alif doesn't want it, I wanted to, Sa! You rant to use it." Sabrani teases Lisa flirtatious.

Lisa returned Sabrani's smile. "Oh, do you want to be fed? Yes, yes," said Lisa.

"It's fun! It's good to have breakfast here. There is a service to feed it." Sabrani drew closer to Lisa.

Lisa immediately slammed the spoon on the table. "But it's a lie! Ask Mimin to feed!" Lisa pointed at the lunatic in their village, a woman dressed as a child's doll and super thick powder who liked to hang out at crossroads.

Sabrani was disappointed and returned to focus on finishing his breakfast.

"Bang Alif, there's a new movie. Cool. Hua Mulan. That's a pretty girl like Lisa." Lisa returned to Alif.

Alif finished eating and drank his coffee. "Well then?"

"Yeah, let's watch it together. Let's be romantic." Lisa immediately grabbed Alif's hand.

Alif pulled his hand from Lisa's grip. "Come on, it's a girl. If you want to watch it, just watch it. I don't like watching movies."

"Lies! I know Bang Alif likes watching movies with Bobi and Al. It's better with me." Lisa is still trying to persuade Alif. "Or let's watch a new drama, Bang. There's something new that's exciting. It's very romantic. The guy is so handsome, just like Bang Alif. That's Ji Chang Wook."

"It's very crowded. I don't like it. I like movies with only two actors. Nah, that's just fun." Alif giggled to himself.

Lisa pouted again. It took him a while to understand what Alif meant. "Ah! You're a freak! No life!"

"It's fine. I'm just a cooler." Alif protested while pouting at Lisa.

Lisa, who is too late, plays on her cellphone and is busy posting I*******m stories, W******p stories, take poses with Alif, to TikTok content. Alif tried to refuse, but Lisa was forced to continue.

"Okay, I'm back. How much is it all, Mbok?" said Alif.

"Why? How come it's so fast, Bang? I still want to be close to you."

"You keep teasing him, Sa," said Pakde Jarwo, Mbok Cenul's husband who appeared to help Mbok Cenul wash the dirty dishes.

"I'm not. He is my future husband," said Lisa.

Alif almost spat out his coffee which he had just finished drinking.

Alif then paid for breakfast and said goodbye to go home. While Lisa secretly wants to hide Alif's cellphone was left on the table. A great opportunity to be able to check and check W******p chats and all kinds on Alif's cellphone. However, just as he was about to take his cellphone, Alif, who realized that he had returned to the table and quickly took his cellphone.

"It's not that easy, Ferguso," Alif said to Lisa. (It's a joke).

"I curse you to love me to death, Bang!" cried Lisa. But Alif was indifferent and walked back to his house.

"Bang! Sarangae!" (Korean Language, means: I love you).

Mbok Cenul was embarrassed and dropped the washcloth on Lisa's face.

"Enough! You were initiated by a man, even though your thick powder is sticking out. Quickly wash dishes and dirty clothes. Help clean the house." Mbok Cenul started nagging Lisa. Then he shook his head at Sabrani's behavior who was looking at his ex's photo on the cellphone screen.

"Sabrani ... Sabrani. I feel sorry for your wife who just gave birth your baby. You don't have to take care of it. You even tease your ex. Is she a former hero or what? How come you remember?"

Sabrani just smirked, continued to look at his ex's photo.


It seems that Mbok Cenul has been having bitchy all day because today the creditor is scheduled to come and collect. Lisa happened to get an order for makeup at a cultural event. Risky was the reason why his friends from the K-Pop team picked up the dance practice. Pakde Jarwo hurriedly went to bring his kacer bird to show to his friends, after being scolded by Mbok Cenul for carelessly placing towels on the bed.

"Dadi wong ojo angel tenan. Sirahku wis mumet. Rumangsamu aku ki radio rongsok opo? Omonganku ora pernah direken." (Java Language, mean: Do not be naughty. Do you think I am a broken radio? You never listen to my words).

"Yes, ma'am. Why do you angry all day? I promise not be naughty unless you are naughty," Pakde Jarwo blinked teasingly at Mbok Cenul.

Mbok Cenul even snorted. "Crap! Don't talk too sweet. Your lips will be covered with ants!"

Pakde Jarwo didn't want to take the risk and quickly left on his motorbike.

Fifteen minutes after Pakde Jarwo left, a woman's voice greeted her in front of Mbok Cenul's house. Mbok Cenul peeked behind the bedroom window and was immediately excited to see Aunt Bulbul, a creditor dressed in Madonna's style, standing in front of the house with a fierce look.

"Damn! I don't have money to pay for the credit for the pot and the new clothes. Trading is still quiet, Lisa's mother hasn't sent it yet. Duh, surely Aunt Bulbul won't believe it. She must be furious. Mbok Cenul paced back and forth in confusion.

Meanwhile, Aunt Bulbul kept calling Mbok Cenul while occasionally tossing her blonde curly hair.

"Yuhuu! Spada! Anybody home? I know you must be at home. Mbok Cenul! Don't play with me!" cried Aunt Bulbul.

Mbok Cenul is getting more and more confused and has an idea to run away from the back door of the house. He quickly climbed the wooden fence in the backyard. However, before his feet hit the ground, he heard Aunt Bulbul's voice chasing him behind the house.

"Where do you go, Mbok? When it comes to debt, I can't be fooled. From ten kilometers away, I can smell lies and playing victim you, Mbok!" Aunt Bulbul scolding almost reached the fence.

Bruuuk! Mbok Cenul had no choice but to climb over Doni's next-door neighbor's fence and jump into Dony's yard. Extraordinary. Even though the brick fence was quite high. The power of trapped!

"Thank God. I'm save now," said Mbok Cenul relieved.

Just then it was dusk. The sun had almost set, leaving the orange sky on the ceiling.

When Mbok Cenul felt that the situation was safe, she intended to return to his house. However, he was surprised when he saw that in front of him was standing Kumara with a pale face staring at him blankly.

"Mbok Cenul. How are you, Mbok?" said Kumara with a smile.

"That's great, Neng Kumara. I'm sorry, Grandma, just now Mbok was going to catch Mbok's chicken flying to your yard." Mbok Cenul smirked nervously, worried that Kumara would know why she had climbed in there.

"The chicken can fly, can't it, Mbok?" asked Kumara.

"Ho'o, Neng. Chickens fly." Mbok Cenul nodded quickly.

Kumara suddenly smiled showing off her bloodied red teeth. Mbok Cenul was immediately shocked. As if hypnotized, he instead paid attention to Kumara's mouth.

"Why? You've run out of manganese, what's wrong? How come your mouth is gloomy?

Kumara was silent. His eyes widened instantly. Just then, the Maghrib call to prayer rang out. Slowly Kumara's body rose to float in the air.

"The chicken flies like this, doesn't it, Mbok?" The question came out of Kumara's mouth. Her white dress fluttered in the wind, her long hair became messy, along with the smell of fragrant flowers.

Mbok Cenul smiled seeing Kumara fly.

"Nah! That's how the chicken flies," said Mbok Cenul. "Great! Neng Kumara can fly."

Kumara started giggling which could be heard echoing around them. It was at that time that Mbok Cenul began to gain consciousness.

"My goodness? Why she can flying? And her mouth is about blood! Huh?" Mbok Cenul began to tremble to watch the terrible figure of Kumara in front of her.

"Devil!" scream Mbok Cenul immediately ran erratically until she hit all kinds of flower pots. In a split second, he was climbing over the brick fence again and jumping with a loud thud. While Kumara was still hovering around giggling.



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