Terror in Menyan Village Begins

Lisa's make-up this afternoon is not usual. Her hair is messy and pulled up, just wearing a free T-shirt with a drink brand and hot pants. She slings a small bag at his waist. The steps were in a hurry towards Mbak Sarmi's shop in front of the alley.

Once in front of the alley, Lisa's eyes lit up like an eagle finding prey. The target is already at the scene.

Lisa came over to Mbak Hamidah, Teh Kokom, and Mpok Yetti who were still hanging out at the stall accompanying Mbak Sarmi while grinding pecel (kind of Indonesian food made from vegetable) spices for her customers.

"Assalamualaikum, Charlie's Angel!" cried Lisa to the three women.

All of a sudden, the three women had perfect appearances, bright straight lines that almost reached their ears, bright red lipstick, and thick powder set aground.

"Waalaikumsalam!" Everyone answered Lisa. However, Mbak Hamidah scowled and looked away.

"Surely you already know what I'm here for, right? Where is it? It's time to pay," said Lisa, getting ready to open her notebook ready in her bag.

"Well, here I am, I paid off the powder. Your powder is cool! So my face is pretty. Later, when I run out, I want to order again," said Mpok Yetti, handing Lisa the money.

"Wow, it's nice to pay it off right away. It's true, Mpok. I can't possibly sell bad products. Everything is original, I ordered imports from friends in Korea and people who work in the cosmetics factory," said Lisa happily.

"Yes, Sa. I am also suitable for making hand body and facial serum from you. My facial skin is very smooth. My husband said it was beautiful. But I paid the third installment first. Next week it will be paid off," said Teh Kokom.

Lisa nodded, a little disappointed. "The promo price is already, Teh. If you buy it outside, it will be expensive. Why don't you pay it off right away, Teh? I still need money to buy medicine for Mbok's sprain. Yesterday Mbok fell off the fence," said Lisa.

"I'm sorry, Sa. I have no money. Next week, right? Ah, it's you, you don't seem the same as your subscription. I've already taken a lot of your merchandise."

Lisa pouted but relented. "That's okay, Teh. I hope you have a lot of sustenance, Teh. The important thing is that Teteh and the others are still my regular customers. I'm glad that everything matches the product."

Lisa then turned to Mbak Hamidah, who had been silent all this time.

"Well, where is it, Mbak Hamidah? It's about time. You only pay once, right, fifty thousand," said Lisa.

Mbak Hamidah fiercely looked at Lisa. "Sampeyan to you! Parker's weak sample dirasani maneh seket ewu. Just slow kalau dadi bakulan, Lisa," said Mbak Hamida. (Java Languane, means:  You are too much. The matter of powder alone until it was mentioned fifty thousand. Take it easy if you become a trader).

Lisa scowled. "Wow, what powder? Did you take a set? There's a morning cream, night cream, toner, essence, serum, and powder. It's not just powder. Your most expensive total. You ask for a discount, I have given it to four hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs It's only natural if I ask now," replied Lisa.

Mbak Hamidah got even more annoyed and stood up to face Lisa. Pretentious style waist. "Arek njaluk utang ya takon wae. Ojo sok gayane sampeyan! Aku ra seneng koyo ngene. Aku ngerti yen aku duwe utang, nanging ojo nganti laser!" (Java Language, means: If you want to collect the debt, just say so. Don't be arrogant. I do not like this. I know that I have debts, but don't be rude!) exclaimed Mbak Hamidah. Spontaneously, Mbak Sarmi stopped stirring food, Mpok Yetti and Teh Kokom suddenly tensed up.

"Huh? Sopo sing kasar sih, Mbak? Aku takon apik-apik to yo. Mbak Hamidah pundi? Wayahe bayar minggu iki. Leres?" (Java language means: Who's rude, Mbak? I ask you nicely. Where is it, Mbak Hamidah? Right?) said Lisa.

"You are a liar! Why do you say I only paid fifty thousand? You don't need to say." Mbak Hamidah's face was already bright red. Extraordinarily fierce.

Lisa took a deep breath and chose patience. "One. Sepurane. I'm sorry," said Lisa. (Java Language: sepurane means sorry).

"Hah! I'm already heartbroken. You deliberately embarrassed me in front of so many people. I know your bad intentions!" Mbak Hamidah even pushed Lisa.

"Calm, Hamidah. No need to use emotions. Lisa already apologized," said Teh Kokom interceding.

"Right. It's a shame to see people! Who didn't know before, so they already know!" said Mpok Yetti.

However, Mbak Hamidah is still emotional and continues to challenge Lisa.

"Heh, Lisa! If it's only five hundred thousand I can pay. As soon as I call my boyfriend, I pay. I'll throw money in your face! You stupid creditor!" shouted Mbak Hamidah.

Lisa got annoyed. "Don't be rude either, Mbak! I'm sorry if I said something wrong or my attitude offended you. Why do you keep scolding like this? It's not that thank you for helping. You should be grateful because I don't sell products in installments. FYI, that's why all the bread factory employees who live there together with the ladies in this complex bought it in full with me. There was no installment. It's just because the three of you asked for help, so I just agreed, I'll help."

Mbak Hamidah was fierce again hearing Lisa's words. "You act like a successful businessman, even though you're just a poor merchant. Poor capital!"

"Damn! Let me be poor, but I still have self-respect. Crazy, huh? The saying indeed goes, those in debt can be fiercer than those in debt rather than borrowing. Ahh!" Lisa was also getting emotional seeing Mbak Hamidah.

"Calm, Sa. Don't be served," said Mbak Sarmi anxiously and pulled Lisa away from Mbak Hamidah. At that time more and more people gathered. Mbak Hamidah is well known for being in debt and being noisy. In addition to preaching to his gang members, he is also the most venomous way of speaking.

Alif, who wanted to eat lunch at home during his break from work, stopped his motorbike when he saw the commotion in front of the alley. His eyes narrowed in confusion as to who the source of the commotion was.

"What's all the fuss? Is Godzilla coming? Or Mia Khalifa visiting here? Wow! I like that!" said Alif enthusiastically. However, he was immediately disappointed when he saw that it was Lisa who was being pushed around by Mpok Hamidah and surrounded by other members of Charlie's Angel Kampung Menyan.

"It's Lisa. Is she hurting with Charlie's Angel? What's the tutorial on fighting with the first wife and the second wife? I'm not up to date. I don't know there was a collab event here." Alif was even more curious.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Mpok Hamidah are getting hotter.

"Well, if you can afford it, just pay it, Mbak. You don't have to use anarchists either!" Lisa has lost her temper. "The buyer is the king, but the merchant of the Sultan is also the time, ah! How can there be a story of a merchant being abused like this! Just be proud of yourself."

"Eh, Lisa! Don't talk about self-respect! Who are you? You're a child of an ex begenggek! (Java Languange, begenggek means bitch!l) What is Sultan? You're little bitch!" shouted Mbak Hamidah fiercely.

For a moment, Lisa was silent. Her eyes widened in anger, disapproving of what she had just heard. Her face was bright red and his hands were clenched into fists with emotion.

"Don't talk carelessly, Mbak! My mother is not a begenggek like you said! Don't slander. Mamah is an employee in Hong Kong!" Lisa growled in annoyance.

Many women work poorly abroad. Just like you. Just look at your clothes and appearance! Very vulgar and seductive. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree." Mbak Hamidah laughed mockingly at Lisa. Looks very satisfied.

Meanwhile, Lisa was already indignant. It felt like many needles were pricking her body. Thousands of eyes are now on Lisa. So judgmental and full of contempt. Lisa couldn't say anything else and immediately ran out of the crowd embarrassed and sad.

Alif was surprised to see Lisa running in a hurry with an angry expression, but so far she had not heard all of Lisa and Mbak Hamidah's quarrel. Only the word "funny" he caught because it was quite foreign and strange.

"Mbah, Mbah," Alif bit the hand of the herbalist who was nearby.

"What is it, Boy?" said the grandmother turned to Alif.

"What is begenggek, Mbah? Why do they say begenggek? Then Lisa runs away?" asked Alif curiously.

Immediately, Grandma glared. "Huss! Don't be loud. It doesn't mean anything. Begenggek is a singer," answered Mbah. "Mbah wants to trade again." Mbah hastily left, afraid that Alif would ask further questions.

Alif nodded knowingly. As soon as Lisa walked past him, Alif immediately grabbed Lisa's hand, holding the girl's hand that was acting strangely. She lowered her head in shame, not wanting to see Alif's face.

"What's wrong with you, Sa? Why are you leaving in such a hurry? I just came here, the collab has just disbanded. You all are no fun !" said Alif.

Lisa lifted her face and immediately saw her cheeks were wet with tears.

Alif was immediately surprised to see Lisa crying. "Well, why are you crying?"

Lisa was crying even more. "Mbak Hamidah said my mom was an ex begenggek! Huhuhu...." Lisa looked very sad.

Alif was surprised. "Well, isn't it true? Your mother was an ex begenggek, wasn't she? Your mother has been to several cafes. Sometimes in this village too. I remember Babe's friends telling me they liked your Mama." Alif said enthusiastically.

Not knowing that Lisa even glared at Alif. Immediately he threw Alif's hand that was holding her hand. "You're mean! Just like them! I hate you!"

Lisa immediately ran away leaving Alif with tears in her eyes. Alif is confused.

"What? What did I do wrong?"


That night, on the terrace, Alif is still confused and restless thinking about Lisa who is suddenly angry with him. Lisa's W******p story is also full of sad words lined up like sewing threads. When Alif tries to send a message, his number is blocked instead by Lisa. Alif doesn't understand why Lisa can be so angry with him.

"Girls are the most mysterious things in the world," Alif muttered to himself while playing with his cellphone.

Mpok Indun emerged from the inside carrying a banana that he wanted to peel for a fried banana.

"Why is your face so wrinkled?" Mpok Indun asked Alif.

"Nothing, Nyak," replied Alif languidly playing with his cellphone.

"You decided with Ning? You must have been insulted by her aunt. What did Nyak say? From the start, Nyak didn't like you with Ning. Her aunt is very arrogant." Mpok Indun continued to scream and couldn't stop like a train.

Alif is getting blue. "Calm, Nyak. It has nothing to do with Ning."

"Well, then why are you gloomy?"

Alif looked at her mother seriously. "Nyak, what is mean of begenggek?"

"Crap!" Mpok Indun was spontaneously surprised that the banana that was being peeled fell. Immediately, Alif was beaten with a washbasin. "There is wrong with you. You talk dirty. That's so taboo!"

"Auww! Why did Nyak hit me? What's the matter? What's the fuss?"

Mpok Indun was annoyed and uncomfortable hearing Alif's words and immediately put her index finger on his lips telling Alif to be quiet.

Babe overheard Alif's words and came, directly hitting Alif's head. "What a pervert! Your brains are perverted! You don't talk about it at night!"

Alif gets confused and tries to protect himself. So innocent. "Why am I being bullied? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with that? Lisa was also crying because she said that her mother was an ex-begenggek. Isn't that right? Her mother used to be a former singer at the cafe."

"What an idiot kid! You're talking about it over and over again! It's a shame to hear the neighbors!" Babe is annoyed and pulls Alif. Immediately whispered something into Alif's ear.

"Hah?!" Alif was shocked after hearing Babe Rojali's explanation. No wonder Lisa was furious with him.

Alif sat languidly on the chair. All this time, Lisa likes to make her uncomfortable, but Alif still feels bad that it has made Lisa hurt.

Alif took a banana and ate it limply. "Because of begenggek!"

"Alif! Shut up!" shouted Babe Rojali and Mpok Indun in unison.


Mpok Roja is cradling his two-month-old baby in the room. The baby fell asleep in her arms. Mpok Roja smiled happily and kissed the baby.

Immediately she put the baby on the bed and arranged two pillows by the side of the baby so the baby wouldn't fall to the floor.

Sabrani's head appeared between the gaps in the curtains on the bedroom door. His mischievous smile was given to Mpok Roja.

"Dek, is our child already asleep?" Sabrani whispered.

Mpok Roja nodded. Smile. "Yes, I did. See for yourself, right? Huu... you don't want to help me carry it."

"Calm down, Sweetie. I'll give you a massage later. Tomorrow, you want to shop, right?" asked Sabrani.

Mpok Roja immediately smiled. "Yes, please, Bang."

"Alright, let's go, Honey! Just in the next room!" exclaimed Sabrani excitedly.

Immediately Mpok Roja closed Sabrani's mouth so he wouldn't make noise, afraid that their baby would wake up. Sabrani embraced his wife affectionately. Mpok Roja immediately pinched Sabrani spoiled. Then they left, out of the room. Only the baby was left alone in the room.

Fifteen minutes passed. The baby is still asleep. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and the windows of the room opened. The window curtains fluttered revealing a sinister figure dressed in white with long black dreadlocks standing at the window. The pale facelifted to reveal a pair of black eyes and scabs crushed on each side of his cheeks.

"Oeeeeeeek! Oooooeeeek!" Crying baby wakes up. His cries grew louder as soon as the figure behind the window had crawled through the window into the room. Now the figure was standing on the edge of the bed near the baby.

The baby's tiny eyes faintly caught the sinister figure nearby and his cries grew louder. Tremendous fear.

The figure of the kuntilanak approached and her hand grabbed the baby's body, about to carry it.

"Oh, my baby. Why, sweetie?" Mpok Roja rushed into the room followed by Sabrani.

Both were so shocked when they saw the terrible figure of the kuntilanak holding their crying baby.

"Astaghfirullah! D-d-devil!" Sabrani screamed in fear.

Mpok Roja screamed hysterically. "Whoa! My baby!"

Kuntilanak looked at them with a pair of eyeballs that almost popped out of place. A distinctive shrill laugh escaped from torn lips. It happened so fast. Kuntilanak darted flying out through the window carrying Sabrani's baby.

"My baby!" Mpok Roja was shocked and weak and immediately fainted.

"Where are you taking my baby, Satan?!" exclaimed Sabrani, jumping to the window, chasing the kuntilanak figure flying into the trees. Appears, disappears, then reappears.

Sabrani screamed frantically for help. The people came soon. The atmosphere is so exciting, not playing.

Alif and Babe Rojali also joined the crowd.

"What's wrong, Sabrani?" asked Babe Rojali.

"Help! My baby was kidnapped by kuntilanak! That's the kuntilanak!" Sabrani was shaking, pointing to a nearby sapodilla tree.

Villagers were immediately surprised to see the figure of a kuntilanak in a sapodilla tree holding a baby and humming as if to put the baby to sleep. Now the sound of the baby's cry is no longer heard. However, Sabrani and the villagers, became more and more afraid that something bad had happened to the baby so that his voice could no longer be heard.

"Let's go after the kuntilanak! Catch it!" said, residents.

Many residents are afraid and cannot see the figure of Kuntilanak scary. Much scarier than in the movies. However, out of pity for Sabrani, they ventured to chase the kuntilanak figure which immediately flew from tree to tree.

Alif and Babe Rojali also followed suit. The holy verses of the Qur'an are recited. But their efforts were all in vain. The figure of the kuntilanak disappeared and did not appear again. His last traces were seen around Kumara's house.

"My son! Whoa!" Sabrani let out a heartbroken roar and fell to the ground. People tried to tell him. I really can't bear to see the state of Sabrani and Mpok Roja. Can't even imagine the fate of the baby. Excited. This is the first time the village of Menyan has been terrorized by demons.

Alif held his cold shoulder. His body was shaking with fear. His gaze was fixed on the Kumara residence.


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