Mystery of the Lost Baby

"Lullaby... oh, Lullaby... if you don't sleep, you're bitten by a mosquito...."

Alif listened to the soft singing voice. A woman's voice came from in front of her house.

The singing voice sounded again. This time it was followed by the cry of a baby. Alif is curious and leaves the house. From the terrace of his house, he saw a woman wearing a long white dress dragged on the floor and very long hair standing in the street. In her arms is Sabrani's baby. The woman's back to him.

Alif's heart was racing. He still remembers the events that happened yesterday in his village.

Slowly the figure walked closer to Alif.

"Lullaby... Lullaby...."

Alif trembled with fear. I want to run, but I can't. His legs felt like they were being weighed by a ton.

Slowly the figure turned to face Alif showing a sinister pale face and bloody canines. Kumara smirked at Alif.


Alif woke up from his sleep. His breath hitched.

"Astaghfirullah ...." Alif said while rubbing his chest. The nightmare just now felt real. His heart was still beating fast.

Alif glanced at the clock on the wall, it was three in the morning.

There was the faint sound of a baby groaning outside in the lonely night. Hah? Is that right? Alif's dream comes true.

Trembling, Alif got up and walked to the window. Pulled back the curtains and peeked out. He was immediately shocked when he saw the figure of Kumara in a white dress walking alone in the middle of the road. A split second later, Kumara suddenly turned and glared at Alif.

"Huaaaa!" Alif immediately ran out of fear and entered Babe and Nyak's room.

"Alif!" shouted Babe Rojali and Mpok Indun at the same time as Alif slid into the bed and knelt between them.


That morning Alif wanted to go to work as usual. The motor has been heated, the tea has been drunk, the perfunctory breakfast has been eaten since Mbok Cenul is still sick and not at the shop.

Suddenly there was a commotion. Sabrani and several residents shouted as they walked in a hurry to a place.

"Anyway, I'm sure she must have kidnapped my baby!" Sabrani screamed with emotion.

"That's it! Let's just raid her! Don't let her go!" said one resident.

"We've been suspicious of her behavior all this time! Now we can't let it go! We've fallen victim to it!" another resident said.

They then flocked towards Kumara's house. The residents of the Menyan village became more excited and came.

Alif reflex did not go to work and followed the villagers to Kumara's residence right in front of his house.

"Kumara! Get out! You demonic woman!"

"A fake kuntilanak! Give back Sabrani's baby!"

"Kumara! Demonic woman, if you don't come out now, we will burn this house down!"

Crowded residents shouted emotion in front of the door of Kumara's house. As time went on, more and more people gathered excitedly.

Not long after, Doni and Kumara appeared from inside the house. Kumara looked scared to hide behind her husband's body.

"What is this? Why are ladies and gentlemen angry at my house?" Doni asked confused, looking neatly ready to go to work, but was hindered by the commotion that morning.

"Don't act innocent, Doni! You must know that your wife is an imitation kuntilanak who kidnapped Sabrani's baby!" said Mr. Sobirin.

"Tell your demonic wife to return my child immediately, otherwise I will burn this house down!" The fiery Sabrani came forward to attack Kumara and Doni. The people detained him.

"What do you all mean? Don't slander my wife! She can't possibly kidnap anyone's baby. My wife isn't a criminal, nor is she a demon! She's human!" shouted Doni excitedly.

"If your wife is human, why did she kidnap Sabrani's baby?" cried a mother.

"Eh, Mam, don't make accusations! What's the proof that my wife kidnapped Mas Sabrani's baby?" Doni said.

While Kumara was crying behind Doni's back.

Alif noticed the look on Kumara's face. Unbelievably sad and confused. He felt sympathy for the woman. However, he also could not dismiss the residents' accusations for granted. Alif himself knew that something was wrong with Kumara.

"Doni, when do you want to come to your senses? Your wife is the incarnation of a kuntilanak! Just watch. She doesn't dare to go out during the day, never attends recitations, and her behavior is always weird, likes to wander around at night on the street, singing at midnight, just scary!" another mother said.

"That's right, Doni. You have been blinded by the love and beauty of the fake kuntilanak. Trust us, Doni. There have been many witnesses who have seen Kumara acting strangely!" Voices began to speak loudly for their testimonies.

"Aa, don't believe them. It's all slander, A." Kumara sobs expecting Doni's defense. (Aa or A is means brother or call for the man who older in the Sunda Language).

Doni looked at Kumara's beautiful face in disbelief. From top to bottom he watched his wife. Nothing unusual. Normal like a human.

"Guys, stop slandering Kumara. She didn't do anything wrong to you." Doni then pulled Kumara in front of him and confronted the residents. "See for yourself. My wife is human. Who said she never went out during the day? It's noon, right? What kind of joke is that? Just because my wife is quiet doesn't mean she's a ghost!"

Doni looked more and more emotional.

The residents even backed away from Kumara's figure. They looked at each other confused and started muttering. If you look closely, indeed Kumara looks normal just like them. Only her face looks pale as a vampire.

"She is a liar. A demon!  She can disguise herself as a human to trick us all!" said Mr. Sobirin.

Sabrani has provoked again and stepped forward. "That's right! I saw with my own eyes, the demon kuntilanak who kidnapped my son flew towards this house! It must be this demonic woman! Anyway, if my son doesn't come back tonight, I will burn this house with this demonic woman!" Sabrani said.

"Yes! Burn it! Burn it!"

People have provoked again.

"Halah! You don't have to wait for the night, now we will kill this demon so that there will be no more victims in our village!"

Suddenly, the people were rioting again. Forward moves to attack Doni and Kumara blindly.

"Eh, ladies and gentlemen, be patient. Calm down. It's okay to talk about it," said Alif, trying to separate the residents from Doni and Kumara but in vain. Alif was suddenly hit by a fistfight and his face was scratched by a bush.

"A! Please, A!" Kumara screamed in pain as her hair was pulled by several women and her hands were violently pulled back and forth.

"Kumara!" Doni tried to help Kumara, but he was defeated by the strength of several residents who were playing gang up against him.

Kumara was helpless being dragged by some women. Alif was pushed several times by the mothers for trying to help Kumara.

In this tense situation, suddenly Ikhsan, a pious youth who graduated from a pesantren and also a Koran teacher in the village of Menyan, came rushing along with Mr. RT.

"Astaghfirullah. What is this, ladies and gentlemen? Istighfar. Don't hurt Mbak Kumara and Mas Doni," said Ikhsan calming the residents.

Mr. RT together with several of his confidants intervened in the residents who were ignited by emotions. (RT is headman, headman of Menyan Village).

"Stop! Stop! Don't be an anarchist! Don't take the law into your own hands! All matters can be discussed amicably!" said Mr. RT.

The residents stopped beating Kumara and Doni.

"Pak Ustadz, Pak RT, Kumara is the incarnation of the kuntilanak who kidnapped my child!" Sabrani said.

"Astaghfirullah. Calm down, Mas Sabrani. Don't get carried away with emotions. I know Mas must have been a mess, your son hasn't been found. But that's not how it is. Slander without evidence is a big sin, Mas. Especially if it takes the lives of innocent people," warned Ikhsan in a soft voice and calm demeanor.

"You can also deal with the law. Remember it carefully," said Mr. RT.

"It is clear that she is the culprit, Mas Ikhsan! I will not let my child's abductor go free. She has to return my child! What will happen to my child? My wife is also sick thinking about our child!"

"If there is indeed a criminal act by the residents here, it should be reported to the authorities. Not taking the law into your own hands. It must also have accurate evidence, not just allegations." Mr. RT tried to give understanding to Sabrani and the others.

"We, the residents here, have seen many witnesses who have seen the kuntilanak fly with the baby to this house, Mr. RT, Mr. Ustadz. No wonder Kumara has been acting strange all this time. It turns out that it is true that she is a kuntilanak who likes baby prey! It could be dangerous for our children here!"

"Subhanallah. Don't be easily deceived by the devil's tricks, ladies and gentlemen. Those are all acts of jinn who want humans to slander and hurt each other." Ikhsan looked sadly at the residents and sympathized with seeing Kumara, Doni, and Alif who were randomly ganged up by residents.

"But my baby was indeed kidnapped by the kuntilanak, Mr. Ustadz! We saw it for ourselves before our eyes! It's not a trick, but the reality! My son until now somehow his fate," said Sabrani followed by tears that broke out unable to imagine the condition of his son.

"Be patient, Mas Sabrani. We will hold a prayer together asking God to find Mas's baby soon. Nothing is impossible for Allah," Ikhsan persuaded.

"Let's put it this way, as Sabrani said earlier, the point is that tonight, Sabrani's baby won't be returned either, just watch out! We'll kill this demonic woman! There's no mercy anymore!" said Mr. Sobirin.

"Agreed! Agree!" The people cheered in agreement.

They then dispersed leaving Kumara's house.

"Pak RT and Ikhsan, thank you for coming. If you don't have Mr. RT with you, San, I can't imagine what would have happened," said Alif holding his sore cheek.

"Yes, Lif. Thank Allah, Lif." Ikhsan patted Alif's shoulder.

"Thank you, Mr. RT, Mr. Ustadz. I didn't think this incident could happen to me and my wife. Even though we have never done anything in this village," said Doni sadly.

"Yes, Mas Doni. Be patient, Mas," said Mr. RT.

"Always have a good opinion of Allah, Mas Doni, Mbak Kumara. Allah will not give trials beyond the capabilities of Allah's servants. And remember, behind everything that happens there is always wise." Ikhsan said softly.

Kumara just looked down sadly while smoothing her messy hair.

Alif glanced at Kumara. A few seconds later Kumara glared at him. Alif stuttered and immediately looked away.

"Thank you too, Lif. You've helped Kumara and me. You get injured like that," said Doni.

"It doesn't matter, Bro. I can't just sit there looking at my friend get hurt," said Alif, trying to smile, but his cheeks immediately felt sore.

Doni and Kumara excused themselves to enter the house to calm themselves down. Doni was forced to leave work for fear of his wife being accosted again.

Ikhsan then patted Alif's shoulder.

"Lif, how are you? Just getting more successful," said Ikhsan, one of Alif's best friends.

"Alhamdulillah, San. Now I work at a property company. Doni is my senior there."

"Alhamdulillah. I'm glad to hear that, Lif." Ikhsan asked his friend to walk away from Kumara's house. I already miss it because I haven't been with old friends for a long time.

"Babe and Nyak are well?" asked Ikhsan.

"Alhamdulillah. They are okay, San. Let's play at home. Babe and Nyak will be happy. Coincidentally, Nyak cooks gule chicken and balado ati. (Types of Indonesian cuisine) You like it the most. Nyak will be happy to see you playing at home, you're like Nyak's child." Alif smiled kindly while embracing Ikhsan.

"Alhamdulillah. Maybe next time I stop by, Lif. Now I want to go to the taklim (Islamic study) in Bekasi. It's not good to be late. I've been waiting there. I was in a hurry because I was called by Mr. RT. Afraid Mbak Kumara and Mas Doni would be okay," said Ikhsan. The handsome young man dressed in white Koko (a kind of shirt typical of Islamic men for worship) then looked at Alif for a long time, as if he was thinking something. "Lif, it's been a long time you haven't attended the recitation. I'll be waiting for you at the mosque."

Alif immediately misbehaved. "Um, yes, San. Next week, yes."

Ikhsan smiled. "Yes, Lif, it's okay. My message to you, keep praying, okay. Listen to Nyak and Babe carefully."

"Insya Allah," said Alif.

"Well, I'll say goodbye first, Lif. Assalamu'alaikum."


After Ikhsan's departure, Alif switched to his motorbike to go to work. He's not Doni, who can easily get permission to not enter, let alone he's not the one in trouble.

"Just having fun!" Alif cursed angrily while holding his sore cheek. It's also pretty good to feel like being punched by John Cenna. Alif was remembering who he thought had punched him. If it wasn't Sabrani, Pak Sobirin, then Ijal, the number one village thug who always appeared quickly when there was a commotion.

"Shit! Just watch, I'll make you like apem cake, if you're the one punching me, Jal!" Alif muttered to himself. Annoyed.

"Thank you."

Suddenly Alif heard a female voice nearby. However, when Alif looked around, there was no one.

Alif was confused and look right and left. The hairs on his neck growled.

"Elah! In broad daylight there is also a ghost!" said Alif.

Alif's vision caught Kumara's figure peeking at him from behind the window curtains in her house. Alif jumped in surprise to see Kumara looking at him with a cold expression. Kumara quickly pushed aside the curtains and was out of sight.

Alif daydreams confused himself.



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