Kuntilanak Proof

All this day, Alif is restless in the office. His mind kept spinning thinking about what had happened earlier. The commotion about Sabrani's baby disappearance, the angry residents accusing Kumara of being a kuntilanak, then the soft voice of a woman he heard. Everything is like a mystery.

For some reason, the image of Kumara's beautiful face keeps haunting Alif wherever he goes. The woman was so beautiful, glowing, and elegant. Her profile is exactly that of a supermodel, plus the cold expression she always shows. However, why does Kumara's beauty match the slanted notion of her?

Alif checks his cellphone in his spare time. Lisa still blocked his number. Immediately clapping. Alif still feels bad. His business with Lisa isn't over yet. Now, Kumara and Doni's problems are added.

Finally, something refreshed Alif. Like a mountain fountain watering his arid heart. WhatsApp message from Ningtya Arum Bestari, the idol of the heart.

[Assalamualaikum. Mas Alif

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