Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

Alif looks even more handsome in a sky blue shirt and milk chocolate pants getting ready to go to Ning's house. Nyak and Babe were also neatly dressed in their formal suits.

"Well, let's go," said Babe Rozali.

"Come on, Be. I can't wait," said Alif enthusiastically.

"You're in a hurry. Watch out! It's the devil who likes to be in a hurry, it likes to tease humans." Babe glared at Alif for being pushed all the time.

"Yes, if satan's are teased, I just need to be teased back, Be. What's the problem?" Alif in style.

"Yes, yes! The songs of people who are about to get married are just like you!"

Babe turned to look at his wife who was already beautiful in a gamis and songket kebaya combined with a pastel-colored hijab. However, Mpok Indun's face was still gloomy.

"Masha Allah, my wife is beautiful no less. When London people say, never aging! I feel like I see you, Ndun, it's like you're still a girl. It's like th

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