Towards the Night of Recitation at Doni's House

Towards the Night of Recitation at Doni's House

"Congratulations, Bro. Finally, you will let go of your single status!" Alvin exclaimed congratulating Alif. Not only did he five, the handsome young man with slanted eyes and white skin also embraced Alif tightly.

"Thank you, Bro. Just pray that I can go up the aisle quickly. I hope you will follow soon," said Alif cheerfully.

Alvin turned serious. Slowly a smile appeared on his face as he shifted the chair closer to Alif's cubicle.

"Your advice is real rate, Lif. Lisa already wants to respond to me now. Even tonight I want to go out with her." Alvin whispered. His joy and enthusiasm were dents. So fiery.

Alif was silent for a moment. He looked at the expression on Alvin's face that alternated between happy and enthusiastic. However, at first glance, Alif felt that he caught something else from Alvin.

"Are you serious with Lisa?" asked Alif curiously.

"Yes, yes, Bro! From the first time

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