Night at the Hospital (Chapter 2)

Night at the Hospital (Chapter 2)

"Aassrg!" Only screams could come out of Alif's mouth. Incredible panic. There's no way to go back. He wants to face the scary kuntilanak, he can't. Alif expects to beat the creature with iron. Just opening his eyelids to see the devil he was limp is not playing.


The blood slimy Kuntilanak dragged its steps closer to Alif. Its hand stretched forward. The sharp black nails were visible.

Alif inched back. He hit a long table so that bottles, injections, and other things fell apart.

However, Alif's movement lost quickly to the kuntilanak. Kuntilanak flies off and pounces on Alif. Kuntilanak's pointed nails pierced Alif's chest.

"Arrgh!" Alif is in pain.

The tips of the black nails pierced deeper into Alif's skin until the blood came out. Alif tried his best to ward off kuntilanak's hand. Succeed! Kuntilanak was slightly uptight.

Alif's courage appears. Immediately he hit the iron on

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