Love Betrayer

Love Betrayer

Mpok Indun is sorting dirty clothes in the basket for washing. Immediately panicked when she saw the bloodstains on the shirt that Alif wore last night to the hospital. Even though Alif didn't want to talk about it, Mpok Indun knew that something had gone wrong with Alif last night.

"You rock!" Mpok Indun scolded alone.

Last night Mpok Indun was worried about Alif. Even until Alif came home from the hospital, she was still worried because Alif's face looked pale and his appearance was chaotic. Because he didn't want to be interrogated, the boy rushed into the room. Pretending to be sleeping, even though Mpok Indun knows that Alif's eyes are still open under the blanket. She doesn't know who Alif thinking about now. Ning or Kumara.

Talk about Ning, Mpok Indun remembered that Alif's dowry savings were now twenty million. It's Alif's money. In addition to collecting salaries, lately, Alif has been diligent in looking for other jobs. One of them i

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