Horror Streaming

Horror Streaming

"Hey, guys! Now we have arrived at the haunted burial area of ​​Menyan Village. It is said that many spirits are wandering around here. Let's prove it," said Aldebaran giddily in front of the cellphone camera that Bobi was holding.

"Before we enter the graveyard, let's give a gift first, please! Don't forget to follow us. Duo Maung! Let's have fun, guys!" said Bobby.

The two young men were determined to stream in the cemetery area in the middle of the night to gather viewers and money on a streaming application.

"Hello, Auntie Bogel! Thank you for the gift treasure box! Auntie is really good! Let's chat later, Auntie. Share the number." Bobi pointed the camera at her face and winked coquettishly.

"Come on, come on, through a thousand viewers, let's go inside! No fake! Genuine!" said Aldebaran excitedly.

"Giddy up! Through the viewer of a thousand cuss we enter the grave, Gaes!" cried Bob.

The two desperate men stepped

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