Fetus Lost because Forgot to Wear Bengle

Doni has returned home today accompanied by his parents. After undergoing treatment for two weeks in the hospital, Doni's condition has improved. Just still looks limp.

Neighbors greeted Doni friendly because they were both worried and curious. However, some of the wise understand that Doni still has a lot of rest so it shouldn't be disturbed.

As soon as Kumara came out to greet Doni with great emotion, the residents began to buzz around again. Instantly remembered the last event in the study. Kumara has not been proven innocent, even though he is in pain and uncomfortable during the night of recitation.

"Aa, I miss you," said Kumara who immediately hugged Doni tightly. The beautiful woman was crying. Sad, happy, mixed.

Doni smiled back at Kumara's hug. He misses Tamara too. Inhaling the scent of Kumara's hair made his desire surge.

"Honey, are you okay as long as I am not at home? Why are you so skinny, Neng?" Doni asked softly.

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