Dinner with Kuntilanak

Dinner with Kuntilanak

"My baby! Give me back my baby!” Nurma's voice was loud. The sobs of Nurma and her family filled the morning void in the village of Menyan.

Everyone sympathizes with Nurma, including Babe Rojali. How not if Nurma is his nephew, the youngest child of his deceased biological sister. Since childhood, Nurma is used to playing on Babe's lap. Taken care of like his child.

Not just any family. Nurma's late father was the eldest child and used to be the backbone of the family. Thanks to his services the brothers and sisters became better. He never tired of carrying his younger siblings to and from school and also working day and night as a laborer when he was a teenager to help pay for education until his two younger siblings became undergraduates. Meanwhile, Babe Rojali managed to build a rattan craft business.

"Sorry, Nur. I sympathize with the tragedy that befell you. But are you sure that you are pregnant?” asked Mbak Sarmi,

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